digital skills uk

Digital Skills Gap in UK

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Welcome to our roundup of news that matters for UK startups! This week we’re addressing digital technology – and the dichotomy existing between dynamic business growth and the apparently under-developed digital skills of the larger populace. One solution is to bring experts in from outside the EU; another is to encourage ramped up adult training and STEM education in our …

employment contracts

How To Choose Employment Status And Contracts ?

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There are so many different ways to employ someone these days. From independent contractors (freelancers) and subcontracted work (through agencies or industry specialists) to workers and employees – it’s a thin line that separates the similarities from the distinctions. Yet, the one thing they all have in common is a contract of employment; something which defines the work to be …

whistleblowers law

Why Whistleblowers Are Protected By Law

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Everyone has secrets, and some are more obviously guarded than others. Unfortunately, powerful institutions (such as governments and complex corporations) get caught up in a tangled web, thinking that they need to protect the public from things they are ‘better off not knowing.’ Shady practices, high level incompetence, or outright criminality are things that these organisations have a special interest …

Flexible Working Rights for Employee

Flexible Working: Employee Rights And Your Liabilities

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It’s been over a year now since employers have been required by law to consider their employee requests for flexibility of their working hours and location. For instance, they might ask for adjusted start and finish times, or to request the option to perform certain duties from home on specific days. All workers – not just carers and parents with …

hiring an intern

Benefits Of Hiring An Intern For Employers And Interns

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There are many reasons why hiring an intern might be a good move for you, while others might point you in the opposite direction. We think it’s probably wise to take an honest look at the ups, and downs, the realities and the laws involved in bringing an intern into your office. You should realise that hiring an intern is a commitment, …

employing immigrants

Employing Immigrants: Ticking The Boxes

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Immigration is certainly a hot topic right now for the UK, as well as in the United States. Many countries are essentially nations of immigrants unto themselves, which brings our moral dilemma to the forefront: Offering sponsorships or incentives to attract foreign talent isn’t a bad thing. After all, it does allow the free flow of innovation and genius to …

Checklist For Employers

Workplace Accident Prevention for Your SME

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Though your business is not expected (nor legally required) to remove ‘all safety risks,’ it is inherent upon your organisation to maintain adequate health and safety measures for your staff. It may seem at times a bit of a burden – perhaps financially as well as administratively – however, statistics demonstrate that real savings can be realised with a little …

employment discrimination

Walking the Discrimination Tightrope in Business

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Not only is discrimination a ‘hot topic,’ but it brings to mind dozens of different interpretations; depending on the day, the context, one’s culture and personal beliefs. It’s a word which strikes terror in the hearts of some, and revulsion in the minds of those disturbed by its very existence. Is it any wonder that our workplaces could also be …

employment UK

Your Options For Hiring Staff

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Are you considering hiring staff to work alongside you for the first time? If the answer is yes, realise there are many elements involved in this decision. At the forefront is making sure the timing is right. Taking too large a leap of faith (too soon), because you are envisioning certain success, may very well end up depleting vital capital …