Stepping Into The Shoes Of A Linkilaw Intern

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Looking for opportunities during the intern season can be a stressful and time consuming process. However, when I stumbled across Angel List, a website which puts candidates in touch with Startups and SME’s, this all changed. Some Context I entertained the possibility of a startup internship for a couple of reasons, which for me distinguished them from larger companies.  Firstly, …

personal injury lawsuit

What Reasons Are Needed To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Pain and inconvenience as a result of a personal injury accident are unfortunate realities that many people will experience at some point in life. The effects of personal injury can cause great interruption to one’s life. The pain and inconvenience can have far reaching ramifications that affect one’s family and work life. So what are the grounds for filing a …

hiring employees for your startup

Legal Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Employees For Your Startup

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Staying in line with UK employment law is serious business and you must be aware of laws when hiring employees for your startup. Legal mistakes in hiring and managing staff can be costly. These mistakes can lead to lawsuits, government fines, and a dysfunctional workplace and business culture. In the worst case scenario. but one that is not unheard of, …

build a strong business

How Good Ethics Will Help You Build A Strong Business

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Good ethics should be considered an equally important factor to build a strong business and culture just like other factors such as salary, fulfilling work, good management, and more. In fact, according to a new 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, respondents said that workplace culture and responsibility are key factors that determine how successful a business will be, which underlines how …

UK employment contract

The Importance Of A UK Employment Contract

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A valid UK employment contract is required between all employees and employers. The contract is a legally binding agreement that lays out an employee’s employment conditions, rights, responsibilities and duties. An employment contract provides guidelines and expectations to be met by both parties of the agreement. Without a valid UK employment contract, an employer has no legal basis to enforce …

employee problems

Experts Warn Against Online Tribunals For Solving Employee Problems

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The Government has tried to reform the employment law practice by introducing online tribunals to solve employee problems, but is this as good of a solution as it initially sounds? Employment specialists warn that they may not be the go-to solution for all types of claims, and the reasons for it are twofold. Accessible Only To Some? Firstly, the Employment …

health and safety regulations

Health And Safety Regulations You Must Know In Your Company

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Usually, you never pay attention to the yawn-inducing signs scattered throughout the corridors of a company. Remember them? Those signs that have something to do with health and safety regulations? Just a quick look at these regulations can save your life! Crazy isn’t it? Let me explain why. What Are Health And Safety Regulations? Have you ever seen or heard …

Use Disciplinary Procedures To Minimise Risk

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Disciplining employees is one of those dreaded and unfortunate aspects that you must sometimes deal with as a business owner. However, you cannot take a haphazard approach to disciplinary procedures when employees are involved. There actually needs to be a sound legal framework behind it or you will face possible unfair dismissal claims or claims of discrimination. In this post, …

Personal Beliefs in Business: Finding a Balance

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We’ve all been there. One moment you’re casually surfing around the Internet, enjoying the casual scrolling and clicking, and then the next you’re falling down the rabbit role of a heated Internet debate. Who hasn’t felt for at least once the overpowering urge to chime in on an online argument over an important or controversial topic? To offer their two …

Family and Employment Law: What should I know?

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Traditionally, only the mother has been able to take any time off work as a primary caregiver.  For the first time, new rights allow UK parents of children either adopted or newborn to co-parent by sharing up to 50 weeks of additional leave following the traditional two weeks immediately following birth or adoption. During that eligible first year, parents are …