Shareholder Agreement

The Importance Of Shareholders’ Agreement

Linkilaw Company Law, Record Keeping & Taxes

If you’re reading this post, we can assume that you are least considering the idea of setting up a Limited Company for your business. This entity would be the appropriate commercial vehicle for a multi-owner business with complete separation from its shareholders’ personal assets. Choosing a proper legal structure is the first action to set up any business, and you …

email disclaimer

Should You Be Using Email Disclaimers?

Linkilaw Company Law, Internet Security

Should You Be Using Email Disclaimer? Although the importance (and validity) of email disclaimer could be debated for days – as you’ve no doubt noticed, most law firms do use them. That might be our first clue. Since solicitors are protective by nature, and emails are inherently invasive, it may follow that we should try to protect ourselves from emails …

Checklist For Employers

Workplace Accident Prevention for Your SME

Linkilaw Company Law, Employee Regulations

Though your business is not expected (nor legally required) to remove ‘all safety risks,’ it is inherent upon your organisation to maintain adequate health and safety measures for your staff. It may seem at times a bit of a burden – perhaps financially as well as administratively – however, statistics demonstrate that real savings can be realised with a little …

business mistakes

Business Mistakes Made by Small Business Startups

Linkilaw Company Law, Startup Advice & Tips

Though everyone will tell you that a list of tasks to launch a business would take up several pads of writing paper, the legal considerations (other than creating a business name) somehow tend to take a back seat. Unfortunately, when you neglect the legal underpinnings of a startup it can cause a boomerang effect, with your best laid plans coming …