Closing down limited company

Closing Down a Limited Company – Solvent and Insolvent Closure

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Closing down a limited company is no small thing. Your company is an actual entity unto itself, and there are rules and regulations to be complied with, and multiple levels of tasks to completed. Of course, we want to stress that consulting with a corporate lawyer is one of the first things you’ll want to do – to make certain …

family business

Tips For A Successful Family Business

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A silver lining just may have risen from the dust of a difficult economic climate. People are once again discovering that enlisting the talents of their parents, spouses, siblings and children is a good family business decision. After all, we already know our relatives’ backgrounds and communication skills, and are familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. Conversely, hiring a new …

business partner

Do You Need A Business Partner When Starting A Business?

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Amongst the crucial decisions to be made, as you prepare to launch a new business, is whether or not bringing a partner into the mix is a wise move. It is certainly a choice with long term impact; one that deserves a closer look at the positives and negatives. A partner can certainly be an asset – if the stars …

legal business structure

Choosing The Best Legal Business Structure

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One of the fundamental choices you will make, as you take your business idea from concept to launch, is what type of legal business structure is best. This needs to be considered for both the industry you’re entering, and the individuals who may become partners or co-owners. In our experience liability is an issue many fail to consider carefully when …