Whats the difference between an LTD and an LLP

What’s the difference between an LTD and an LLP?

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There are many steps involved in transitioning from a business idea to a functioning business. Once you’ve created your product or service, calculated a budget and built a team, there’s still one last step before you can start trading. That’s right, it’s time to choose your legal structure. In this article, we briefly explain the two most common legal structures …

How to register a new company in the UK

How to register a new company in the UK?

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Registration is the first step in creating a company. At first glance, the process is simple and self-explanatory. This simplicity, however, can be deceptive, and failures at an early stage can cause problems further down the line. Both flexibility and efficiency are essential to successful registration. The solution for every new company must be adapted sufficiently to the needs and …

4 Legal Challenges for E-commerce Businesses

Legal Challenges for E-commerce Businesses

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Slowly but surely, e-commerce sales are slowly taking over an area that has traditionally been dominated by physical analogue stores. This trend has been attributed to factors such as easier access to the internet and cheaper mobile phones. As we continue with what will prove to be an interesting transition, online sellers should recognise and familiarize themselves with the legal …

Disadvantages and Advantages of a Limited Company

Advantages and disadvantages of a Limited Company

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Most likely, you are well aware that there are several different choices when it comes to the type of legal business structure to select for your new venture. Certainly, there are good reasons behind using any one of them, but your options will be dependent upon the type of industry you’re entering, the place you will be performing the work, …

Sell Your Company

Reasons Why You Might Want To Sell Your Company

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Selling your company is not something that should be taken lightly. Before you sell your business you should think deeply about why you want to sell your company and how it will impact your life if you decide to do so. Whether you’re an innovative emerging tech company with Silicon Valley aspirations or a family run bakery, the process of …

business transfer agents

Selling A Business: Ditch The Business Transfer Agents

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When someone decides to sell a business it’s a huge decision and one that leads to a considerable investment of time, resource and emotion, all of which distracts from the need to continue managing the business. [tweet_dis_img][/tweet_dis_img] It’s therefore a huge problem if they select the wrong advisor and in particular, if they select one from the shark infested and …

Legal Advice For Registering A Company In The UK

Legal Advice For Registering A Company In The UK

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Legal Advice For Registering A Company In The UK Interested in registering a company in the UK, but don’t know where to start? Below is a set of general guidelines that can assist you in going through the registration process in the UK, however the most important resource in registering your business is a legal consultant. Every business is different, …

partnership in business

It’s Not All About You: Recognising The Power Of Partnership In Business

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When you’re a start-up, you often find yourself doing everything yourself: you call the shots in the boardroom, you run the accounts, you’re the sales force, the marketing team and you’re probably the one who empties the bins at the end of the day. That’s just the way it is when you’re launching your dream. If you want to grow …