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Startup Of The Month: Women Of Wearables

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Startup Of The Month: Women Of Wearables Our Interview with Marija Butkovic Founder and CEO of Women of Wearables (WoW) aiming to connect and empower women in wearable tech, fashion tech, IoT and VR/AR. Linkilaw has picked Women of Wearables, founded by Marija Butkovic as November’s Startup of the month. WoW connects and supports its growing community of women in …

What it's like to be a startup in Brazil

What It’s Like To Be A Startup In Brazil

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What It’s Like To Be A Startup In Brazil Brazil is the 5th most populous country in the world with over 200 million inhabitants. So, how is being a Startup in Brazil? Over half of Brazil’s 200 million people are on the web and by 2015, 45% of the population were smartphone users. The country also has one of the …

What it's like to be a startup in South Korea

What It’s Like To Be A Startup In South Korea (And Why You Should Consider Opening Your Business There)

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Have you read our article about what the business culture is like in North Korea? Well, just across the border might be one of the largest developing startup hubs in the world so this is what it’s like to be a startup in South Korea. Since 2013 the South Korean Government has been pledging $2.1 Billion per year to the …

Startup Of The Month

October Startup Of The Month – M.Y.O.

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October Startup Of The Month – M.Y.O. Linkilaw has chosen M.Y.O. as Octobers Startup of the Month. Samuel and Diana created M.Y.O. as a creative studio for adults wanting a break from technology and an artistic outlet for their creativity. The tech industry is a stressful place to be for creatives. Any work environment involves meeting tight deadlines, managing your …

Has the UK hit the brakes on Uber? Transport for London revokes Ubers' licence.

Has The UK Hit The Brakes On Uber? Transport For London Revokes Ubers’ License

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It’s official. Prepare for September 30th. Transport for London, the regulator for transport across the city, has stripped Uber of its licence to operate in London. Why? It was deemed they were not ‘fit and proper’ to hold the license. Uber will not be allowed to operate in the city after their Private hire operator licence expires on September 30th. …


September Startup Of The Month – Cudoni: An Interview With James Harford-Tyrer And How He’s Bringing Pre-Owned Luxury Goods To Millennials

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Linkilaw has chosen Cudoni as its Startup of the Month! James Harford-Tyrer started Cudoni to adapt the pre-loved luxury goods market to the millennial lifestyle, using algorithmic valuations to maximise sales. Cudoni has upped the standards for the pre-owned luxury goods market as a fast-paced, streamlined, simplistic and minimalist service. Cudoni is also unique for its commitment to sustainability; one …

impact of the energy bill on businesses

Impact Of The Energy Bill On Businesses

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Impact Of The Energy Bill On Businesses The Energy Bill is designed to boost low-carbon investment and support global action on climate change. It was confirmed in today’s Summer Budget that the government is ditching its target to increase the level of environmental taxes. This will be welcome news to businesses. The government also repeated its objectives to develop a …

how is climate change affecting uk businesses

How Is Climate Change Affecting UK Businesses?

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Climate change and energy are key areas for the new Parliament: the Queen’s speech flagged up the importance of collaborating with other nations to overcome global climate change and the release of a new Energy Bill to optimise energy security in the UK. So, how is climate change affecting UK businesses?  The notes to the Queen’s speech expanded on this …