Top 5 Reasons eSignatures are Better

Linkilaw Business Structures

Electronic signatures (eSignatures) offer convenience, and they even offer more security. Many eSignature services have emerged and they are making document signing cheaper, faster, and safer. Here are the top five reasons you and your business should switch over to eSignatures.

  • eSignatures are safer. They are encrypted, and the documents are saved online. This reduces the possibility of identity theft. Paper documents tend to be easier to misplace, steal, and forge. After traditional paper and ink documents are printed and signed, they are not guaranteed to be protected or resistant to tampering. With eDocuments and eSignatures it is easier to trace the source of each document in case of tampering or forgery, offering more security to your important documents.




  • eSignatures cut down on busy work and costs. eSignature software is often integrated into the software companies already use such as Google Docs and Dropbox, so the company does not need to use as much paper and postage.




  • Faster turnaround time and filing time for documents. You don’t have to wait for fax, scan, or postage times. Companies can have their documents instantly and emailed or submitted directly.


  • Never have documents with missing signature fields. eSignature software can enforce mandatory field completion before allowing a document to be submitted. Now you won’t have to chase down documents or follow up for missing signatures.
  • Sign from anywhere on multiple different devices. With eSignatures, you won’t have to go into the office to sign or fax documents. You can even sign on mobile devices.