What Makes Linkilaw Different

What Makes Linkilaw Different?

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This year Linkilaw is celebrating its 5th anniversary—time flies! We’re thrilled to have been able to assist so many amazing startups with their legal needs. Today we decided to take some time to reflect on these past five years and remind ourselves what we stand for and why our work is so important to us. So, in case you don’t know us and what makes Linkilaw different, here’s a recap!

 Linkilaw is the legal platform for startups, scale-ups and SMEs.


We believe in revolutionising the legal system by making it accessible, trustworthy, transparent, and trouble-free. Why? When people and businesses have access to affordable legal help, they can make better decisions and grow with confidence. We believe that through honesty, integrity and transparency in communication and in action, faith in the legal industry can be restored.

How we are trying to accomplish this mission?

We advocate for a preventive approach, rather than reactionary—seeking to promote compromise over conflicts. We think strategically ahead of our clients’ present needs, striving to make the client experience seamless in both the present and the future. These past five years, we’ve had the opportunity to create a company culture surrounding our philosophy that not only serves our customers and partners to the best of our ability, but also makes our employees proud. Our values are not simply written for show, they guide our decisions in everything we do.

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Our forward-thinking lawyers are specialists in different areas of expertise, delivering high standards of quality. For legal issues outside our expertise, we connect clients to one of our 500 pre-vetted lawyers through our marketplace.

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So what makes Linkilaw different from typical law firms?

We were born a startup so we completely understand what our clients are going through. We have tailored our services to suit their needs, protecting and guiding our clients through every stage of their growing business.

Linkilaw provides the experience of a law firm and the accessibility of an in-house lawyer, but with the flexibility that growing businesses need. In contrast with the lack of innovation in the legal industry, we’re trailblazers. We are technology-driven, enabling us to be more efficient and get work done faster. With our use of technology, our lawyers can focus purely on the legal work, allowing us to be 50% more affordable than traditional law firms.

Not convinced yet?

Our clients are our best ambassadors so check out what they have to say about Linkilaw in Our Success Stories

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What makes Linkilaw different