Important Announcement: Welcoming Linkilaw Solicitors

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Dear Friends,

We strongly believe that with any challenge comes an opportunity. We admire our clients and partners who continue in these unprecedented times to create fresh ideas, venture into new markets, raise capital, start and grow new businesses. Inspired by their example, continued resilience and creativity, we now have a big announcement to make. Our founder Alexandra Isenegger joined forces with Zhanna Zenina, a kindred spirit with an entrepreneurial mindset and passion for transforming the legal industry, and co-founded a brand new law firm – Linkilaw Solicitors.

We are thrilled to announce that Linkilaw Solicitors is officially open for business, offering legal solutions for the ever-changing landscape of technological innovation and advising those on a mission to drive positive change. Linkilaw Solicitors is a new law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, but it is also more than that; it is a new type of law firm that will embrace what the legal industry has traditionally resisted – technology, efficiency, innovation and disruption.

Linkilaw Solicitors will provide impactful advice to innovators across technology sectors, from fintech and health tech to food and sustainability, delivering transparent, to-the-point legal advice powered by legal technology. The firm will work in close partnership with the Linkilaw platform and will help us provide entrepreneurs with a clear understanding of the legal groundwork for success.

Zhanna Zenina will be leading Linkilaw Solicitors as the firm’s CEO. She is an experienced corporate lawyer with an extensive track record of advising emerging and established companies. Prior to founding Linkilaw Solicitors, she worked at top law firms in London, New York and Moscow, led the legal department of a London-based family office and acted for clients as their strategic legal adviser and board member. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Moscow State University and a bilingual lawyer qualified to practice in New York, Russia, England and Wales.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have shown the Linkilaw platform throughout the years. We truly would not be where we are today without you. We have achieved more than we imagined was possible, from being ranked amongst the UK’s top 100 startups to the well-deserved accolades for our inspirational founder, Alexandra Isenegger (Forbes 30 Under 30, Woman in Legal Tech 2018, featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, HuffPost and Inc.).

We hope that you join us in celebrating the start of an exciting journey with Linkilaw Solicitors. With you by our side we are one step closer to realising our dreams of the new legal future.

Linkilaw Solicitors - Open for business