Web Summit 2017: The 15 Best Quotes

Web Summit 2017: The 15 Best Quotes

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Web Summit 2017: The 15 Best Quotes

After 59,000 people, 170 nationalities and 5 full rooms of investors, startups and attendees, Web Summit 2017 has come to an end. The Linkilaw team will certainly be missing Portugal’s sun in rainy London.

But it’s not over just yet, here we are to share with you some of our favourite quotes from the Web Summit 2017! Although it was difficult to choose, we managed to narrow it down to the 15 most memorable quotes:

The Most Inspirational Quotes

Stephen Hawking: “You all have the potential to push the boundaries of what is accepted or expected, and to think big.”

The renowned physicist has long been the symbol of making the impossible possible. At the summit he stresses this in regards to AI, claiming that the boundaries of technologies need to be pushed and this can be done by anyone!

Paolo Nespoli: “Impossible dreams do come true.”

This Italian astronaut that travelled to space is the symbol of making things come true. Nespoli has been part of the revolutionary VITA team, who have been developing technologies to create life in space. Yep, you heard us. If finding a way to live in space isn’t an impossible dream coming true we don’t know what is!

Wladimir Klitschko: “I don’t have problems, only challenges in my life.”

Boxer and two times heavy lifting champion Wladimir Klitschko can give us some inspiration on how he faces his life. Sharing his views on seeing problems as challenges can give us some insight into how mindset is such a crucial aspect of attaining success.

Wladimir Klitschko: “You need to love your goals, better yet you need to be obsessed with an extreme form of them.”

Once again, this champion gives us a bit of insight on how he became a world’s greatest. Complete obsession with his goals and dreams served him as constant motivation.

Gillian Tans: “Create a culture of empowerment.”

Create a culture of empowerment.[

CEO of Bookings.com, a company listing over 1.4 Million properties in 226 countries, explains to us a little bit about the importance of company culture. At Linkilaw, we can resonate with Ms Tan’s view that company culture is the key to growth.

Caitlyn Jenner: “Proper identification and legislation for transgender people is extremely important”.

Coming out as transsexual in 2015, Caitlyn Jenner has inspired many by outing in the public eye. Now, she sets out to tackle the goal of gendered inequality. In fact, The Caitlyn Jenner foundation aims to promote equality and fight discrimination against the transgendered.  

Artificial Intelligence Quotes

Roland Lamb: “Instruments must change in order to stay alive.”

Creator of the Seaboard, a portable and super-powered keyboard, Roland Lamb explains the importance of modifying and suiting instruments and objects to our changing environment. Indeed, it is no news that AI is the next step to developing modern-day objects.

Maria Lopes: “AI will only be able to go so far until consciousness is better understood.”

Anthropologist and artist Maria Lopes speaks to the human aspect of AI development, warning us that human minds must be better understood in order to continue to positively shape AI.

Ben Goertzel: “I don’t want to see governments and societies banning technologies based on their potential indirect implications. That’s quite dangerous.”

CEO of blockchain AI marketplace SingularityNET, Ben Goertzel addresses the growing fear populations seem to have of the power of AI. He points out that the policy some societies have approached, of a complete ban, is more detrimental than anything. Instead, he and others have stressed, that the positive side of AI potential must be focused on.

Bryan Johnson: “The single greatest thing we can do as a species is to improve our adaptability.”

Bryan Johnson is the epitome of someone who is using AI to improve society; with his company Kernel, he is attempting to use AI to hack the brain and improve functions such as memory, depression and anxiety. With his quote, he highlights the number one philosophy behind his million dollar company: the importance of adapting the human mind.

Brian Krzanich: “Data is the new oil, and AI is driven by the fuel of data.”

It is not the first time Stephen Hawking has questioned AI. He suggests man should stop relentlessly developing AI, but rather focus on building it to improve humankind as a species. He warns of the dangers of developing AI with a mind of its own. 

Business Quotes

Margrethe Vestager: “It shouldn’t be the size of the company or special government treatment that makes a company successful. The basis of a business’s success is innovation.”

We thought we’d hit you up with some startup motivation here. European Commissioner for Competition emphasises how the number one driver of success, more than resources and finances, is the capacity to innovate.

Des Traynor:You can’t solve every problem. Try to stay away from the small and the rare ones.”

Co-founder of Intercom shows us the importance of focusing on issues that are common. This is the basis of successful businesses: tackling issues that are prevalent in society and that have high demand.

Brian Halligan: “It’s never been easier to start a company, but it’s never been harder to scale a company”

As a current startup in the process of some serious scaling-up, we can tell you – if you think the beginning is hard work wait for it. In fact, it’s true that more than 80% of startups fail, often it is in the scaling-up process that systems face difficulties.

So, here were some of our favourite quotes from Web Summit 2017. We hope to have inspired and shared some insight with you.

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