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UK Lawyers Need More Price Transparency

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“Is The Glass Empty Or Half Full?”

Imagine researching your next automobile purchase online. You start at the foundation – the safety reports – because this is for the whole family, and you want to know how it handles in traffic, in bad weather, and in the worst-case scenario, car accidents.

From there you’d build your candidate list based on fuel efficiency, longevity, customer satisfaction, and resale value. Finally, when you’ve got your finalists’ list prepared, you go to check on the price and find…nothing?

That practice would seem insane, right?

How can any business hope to sell its products or services without listing its prices online where customers can easily see them in order to compare and contrast what makes the most sense for that pocketbook.

A Common Practice For UK Lawyers

Yet that’s what more than 83 per cent of legal services in the UK are doing, according to a report set forth by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), slamming those who won’t publish their price lists online. And this lack of transparency is proving to be a big issue for UK lawyers as Steve Doughty writes for the Daily Mail.
[tweet_dis_img]uk lawyers[/tweet_dis_img] The study’s conclusion reported: “The legal services sector is not working well for individual consumers and small businesses. [They] generally lack the experience and information needed to find their way around the legal services sector and to engage confidently with providers.”

Not only does the CMA recommend law firms publish their prices online, but that comparison websites need to be developed to give customers a reasonable shot at deciding which lawyer is the right one for them.

According to the CMA report, something simple like a will costs an average of £110-200, while a divorce can run between £1,260-3,000, a significantly wider gap.

So why are lawyers and law firms so hesitant to publish their prices online? The reasons are pretty simple once you consider them, and pretty irritating if you’re a consumer on a budget who suddenly finds yourself in need of legal representation.

1.They Don’t Want Their Competition Knowing What They Charge

You can’t really blame this for this. If you ran a hardware store and had a way of keeping your competitor from knowing what you were selling your products for, wouldn’t you do it? It would guarantee they couldn’t knowingly undercut you.
[tweet_dis_img]uk lawyers[/tweet_dis_img] The last thing lawyers want to see is that they’re charging £400 for something that their competitor only charges £250 for. However, what we’re seeing now is a kind of Uberisation of legal services as Richard Granat points out in this article.

This kind of pricing is going to see more of this kind of commodity based pricing for UK lawyers moving forward.

2. They Don’t Want To Get Locked In On A Price For Something That Takes A Lot More Work

Sure, a will might cost around £150 for a normal person, but what about the 103-year-old widow who can’t remember where she put the keys to the safety box that holds the papers that are so desperately needed?

Lawyers usually aren’t so great about doing these without charging, so most don’t want to quote a price without gathering all the necessary data first. You can’t really blame many UK lawyers in this instance but it’s a reality they must work with and adapt to where necessary.

3. Their Current Perfect Sales Funnel

By the time you’re talking to an actual lawyer, you’ve met everyone from the receptionist to the office manger to the janitorial staff to the legal aides. You’ve told your issue over and over, you’ve filled out oodles of paperwork, and are probably ready to just call it a day and sit down with a nice cup of tea.
[tweet_dis_img]uk lawyers[/tweet_dis_img] And that’s when they really have you where they want you – tired and just ready to get it over with. Because even if your brain and your pocketbook protest that you’re being overcharged, you’re also thinking about how miserable it would be to go through this whole process over again with yet another lawyer – time wasted, effort wasted, and who knows, they might charge even more!

Final Words: UK Lawyers And Price Transparency

Fortunately, there is a cure for this legal headache commonly practiced by UK lawyers.

Websites like Linkilaw believe in transparency for clients. That is why our three-step lawyer match service works so well. After you fill out just a few short questions about your case and contact information, you’ll get actual quotes and information about vetted UK lawyers who specialise in your particular area of need.

You can see more about how this works and get a free quote from UK lawyers by clicking the image below.

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