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Top 10 Fintech Startups To Follow

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You can’t credit London with being the world’s top financial center without tipping your hat to the Fintech companies that helped put it back there. Moving at lightening speed, Fintech startups have redefined the UK investment industry –  and while it’s hard to say just how much they’ve contributed, we know it has been a multi-BILLION pound addition!

With more and more Fintech startup ideas happening every day, this number is expected to grow tremendously in the coming year. For those of you just catching on to the Fintech frenzy, don’t worry – it’s not going away anytime soon!

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Here are 10 Fintech startups worth watching:

Funding Circle – Founded in 2010 as a way to distribute peer-to-peer (p2p) small business loans, Funding Circle has helped provide over £930 million pounds to startups through their lending platform. (That’s almost a billion pounds!) With more favourable interest rates than traditional banks, they’re consistently a Fintech favorite.

TransferWise – Need to wire money across seas? TransferWise boasts international transfer costs that are up to 90% cheaper than traditional banks. Backed by Sir Richard Branson, this Fintech startup company won the Financial Times’ “Boldness in Business” award in 2014 and currently tallies close to £180 million in funds.

DueDil – A one-stop-shop for financial information, DueDil pulls data from thousands of sources and crunches it into an easy to understand report. Called “Britain’s answer to Bloomberg,” this Fintech sleuth can help businesses generate research, B2B leads, risk management, and more!

Currency Cloud – Dedicated to “transforming the way money moves across the world,” Currency Cloud has processed over £6 billion in annual payments across 40 currencies and 212 countries! As if that’s not impressive enough, their senior team has over 100 years combined experience in the financial services and technology sectors, making this a powerhouse in the Fintech startup London scene.

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LendInvest – A Fintech company devoted to property, they pair investors with individuals looking to buy real estate. Aiming to eliminate banks and simplify mortgages, LendInvest has successfully matched £400M in funds to loans since 2013.

Seedrs – Equity crowdfunding at its best, Seedrs helps regular people (like us) buy into big ideas. The best part? You share in the success when those ideas turn into big money! Tennis Star, Andy Murray is a fan of this Fintech – not only is he on the company’s advisory board, but he’s been known to invest, too.

Nutmeg – Thanks to Nutmeg, investment portfolios aren’t just for the wealthy anymore! You set reasonable goals (like buying a house or saving for retirement) and professional money managers help you get there. The starting capital – and risk level – is all up to you. It’s hassle-free Fintech-ing at its finest.

Zopa – A pioneer in peer-to-peer lending, Zopa’s been paving the way since 2005. To date, they’ve lent  £1.17 BILLION to borrowers and that number increases, every day. Named “the most trusted and best loan provider” by the Moneywise Customer Service Awards for the 5th straight year, it has remained a staple in the Fintech scene.

WorldRemit – Like TransferWise, WorldRemit allows individuals to send money abroad straight from their computer, smartphone, or tablet at a rate that’s (way) cheaper than banks. Started in 2009, the London based Fintech company has scored £96 million in funds to date.

Blockchain – Known as the world’s most popular Bitcoin wallet, Blockchain has 4 million active users worldwide! But they’re not just holding your Bitcoins for you; this Fintech startup is responsible for the innovative software that makes Bitcoin transactions safe, easy, and secure.

Whether you’re looking to finance your small business, invest your savings, or peruse Fintech startup jobs – It’s an exciting time to explore the UK’s Fintech startup marketplace!