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The 7 Tech Tools Powering 7-Figure Businesses

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A recipe for business success is like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – even if it does exist, no one’s sharing it! That’s because entrepreneurs running million dollar companies had to carve their own path to the top and it’s only fair that you should too.

But, creating a unique journey in today’s market can be a real challenge. And with so many online business tools to choose from – how do you know which ones are best? Lucky for us, the secret weapons of some of the biggest and most profitable companies in the UK are actually not so secret.

Here are 7 Tech Tools that 7-figure businesses are using right now that could kick your business into high gear, too.

Shopify – Since 2006, Canada-based Shopify has remained one of the best tools for business kind all over the world. They can help manage your online and retail store operations with a sleek and easy-to-use interface design. Their hassle-free platform has streamlined the selling process for over 200,000 active stores and boasts over £10 Billion in sales to date.

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Still not convinced? Just ask automotive and energy powerhouse, Tesla, who they trust with their commerce needs – they’re one of many seven-figure companies in Shopify’s portfolio.

Huddle – Dedicated to helping organisations store, share and edit content via their project management software and a secure cloud, Huddle has redefined what it means to collaborate. Now you can work on a project alongside a colleague who’s a thousand miles away and be assured that work is safe and secure.

In fact, Huddle is highly favoured and trusted by some of the top UK government departments. Besides that, 80 percent of their customers are on the Fortune 500 list. NASA, Panasonic and Epson are a few of the names using these online collaboration tech tools for business – maybe you’ve heard of them?

Darktrace – A cyber security company with a sixth sense, Darktrace uses artificial intelligence to detect potential threats to a company before they happen. Voted 2015’s ‘Best Security Company of the Year,’ the team has positioned itself as a world leader in Enterprise Immune System technology and prides itself in eliminating previously undetected threats.

Companies all over the world trust their cyber defence – Virgin, T-Mobile, British Telecommunications and HSBC, are just a few of the UK mega-businesses on the list.

Powa Technologies – Aiming to transform the marketplace, Powa’s suite of tools is designed to create “beautiful retail technology.” They do just that with their impressive eCommerce platform, innovative mobile and tablet POS systems and an invaluable approach to consumer relations.

Endorsed by Prime Minister David Cameron, the company received record-breaking interest and tallied a financial backing (over £50 million) that made it “the single largest initial seed investment in a UK technology startup.” As if that’s not impressive enough, UK mega-companies like Argos, JD Sports and Laura Ashley are among those capitalising on their solutions.

Paythru – Imagine a world where your phone is your wallet! Devoted to making mobile handsets the payment method of choice, Paythru is a cloud-based mobile commerce platform that provides a win-win solution for consumers and merchants all over the world.

With a wide range of processing capabilities (they can mobilise your credit cards, cash, vouchers, bank transfers and more) their infrastructure may be as versatile as it gets. Lots of companies agree and Zando, droplet and Groupon are just a few of the big businesses already onboard.

Charlie App – Your business meetings just got a whole lot easier! Charlie App is a lifesaver in the B2B sales world, combing through 100’s of sources to give you a one-page brief on everyone you’re about to meet.

On average, Charlie App’s data is a compilation that’s equivalent to about 57 Google searches! The app can even be synced to your calendar so that the research arrives via email right before your meeting. Truly a secret weapon for success, executives at Ogilvy, Hootsuite and Groupon swear by it.

Smartzer – This London based video technology company has reinvented the sales video. Thanks to Smartzer’s interactive players, consumers can click on items in a video for more information or links to purchase. This not only generates serious sales power, it also captures detailed analytics for merchants so they can better understand how customers are interacting with content.

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UK clothing superstore, Marks & Spencer’s has already utilised this unique solution and so has iconic UK fashion brand, Barbour in its one-of-a-kind campaign with Range Rover.

Don’t Miss Out On These Tech Tools

While it might not be an exact recipe for success, these are among the best UK tech tools to date – and if you’re not using them – you could be missing out on little pots of gold for your business!