Startups to watch at Web Summit 2017

Top 10 Startups To Watch At Web Summit 2017

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Top 10 Startups To Watch At Web Summit 2017

Web Summit is almost here! With over 1000 speakers and 60,000 attendees from 160 countries, searching for startups to collaborate with may be a challenge. We know your plate is full… how will you know where to look? We’ve got you. Linkilaw has compiled a list of top 10 startups to watch at Web Summit 2017.

Here is our list of top startups to watch out for at Web Summit 2017:

Buyer Brain

Buyer Brain will be at Web Summit 2017

Having only incorporated in 2017, this exciting startup promises “a neuromarketing approach to consumer behaviour”. The business provides a team that has over seven decades of experience and translate their neuroscientific research findings into customer engagement strategies. They’re also in the race for best pitch in the startup competition of Web Summit, so keep your ears peeled to hear more!

Econtract Hub

eContractHub will be at Web Summit 2017

As the name suggests, this platform creates, tracks and monitors your contracts. It operates through various tools like Microsoft and allows for continuous contract revisions and improvements. The hub also allows for contract type and department-based customisation options and enables users to include lawyers and consultants to the system.

App Yourself

App Yourself will be at Web Summit 2017

This tool allows you to create your own Android or iPhone app, with no coding skills needed! Thanks to the large variety of building blocks this ‘app builder’ enables you to create a unique and customised app which includes logos, texts, images, icons and custom colours. This tool is a must for businesses operating in an increasingly tech-driven system, where an app for users is a necessity. If you want to save on expensive tech charges to make it for you why not give it a try!

The Motion

The Motion will be at Web Summit 2017

This startup is a tool for businesses that want to transform their product catalogue into high performing video ads. The company claims to produce videos that attract attention and convert viewers to buyers. They do this thanks to their customisable business solutions based on your unique market. Looking for exciting video production services for your business? Why not check them out!


Eccentrade will be at Web Summit 2017

This Amsterdam based startup has over 45 million companies using their database! This fin-tech promises “powerful business insights” designed to help you save money and validate your financial reliability. In one online platform, it allows you to have a complete business check on millions of companies and know what credit risks you are running, how clean your supply chain is and more.

Minds AI will be at Web Summit 2017

Based in California, since 2014 this artificial intelligence consultancy claims to have decades of expertise in strategy, hardware, and software. creates “the fastest and most efficient neural network training system available today,” with support from partners including Mellanox Technologies and Quanta Computer. The business divides its services in network design, infrastructure design and dataset development.


Blurrt will be at Web Summit 2017

The proclaimed social media ‘storyteller’. This startup is a social media insight platform: collecting and understanding posts and picking out the most relevant ones into usable content. Having been used by platforms like Sky Sports and the BBC, Blurrt is definitely a company to look out for! This tool is must-have for businesses who are looking to engage with their audience through compelling social content.


SevDesk will be at Web Summit 2017

This German accounting business has received over €3 million in funding. SevDest is the “personal CFO” for businesses and can help you do accounting, banking, and invoices, hassle-free. Though this server you can scan your invoices directly and let it act as a bookkeeper. With no accounting experience required you can create your own invoices, as well as benefit from automatically calculates profit and loss.


Myleme will be at Web Summit 2017

Based in Porto, Myleme is a customisable CRM you can use without the need of IT support. It aims to turn your leads into sales and adapt to the needs of each individual business. It differentiates itself from other CRM platforms as it has increased customisability, meaning your business does not need to be adapted to the server. It aims to improve organisation, efficiency, and productivity. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your free trial!


Kontentino will be at Web Summit 2017

This platform was created by social media managers for social media managers around the world. Kontentino is a social media platform aimed to plan, collaborate and approve social media intuitively without the need of excel or sheets for content planning. Unlike other social media managers, this platform supports all social media post formats including 360 photos or carousels. Saving time by streamlining your social media strategy with this software might be the way to go!

This is our top list of startups to watch, but we hope to meet you all there!

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startups to watch at web summit 2017