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Mama Always Said Startup Life Was Like A Box Of Chocolates – Startup Tips

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Mama Always Said Startup Life Was Like A Box Of Chocolates.
You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

Creating a startup is exciting but it’s also very tough. Succeeding will require smarts and the best startup tips so you can get ahead. You might have a vision and a plan for your startup, but you must be willing to adapt and be flexible to succeed

In this blog post, we’re be revealing our top startup tips that will help you succeed in your venture.

Startup Tips For Networking

A great thing about startups is meeting new people regularly and sharing your experiences with them.
[tweet_dis_img]Andy Rachleff helped me understand the tremendous power of the network effect[/tweet_dis_img] A great part of startup life is meeting and interacting with new people regularly. Contrary to popular belief, founding a startup doesn’t mean you’ll be in an office all day. 

Meeting other founders or finding out your employees’ expectations will help you move past challenges and aspire to achieve continued success. Integrating this into your startup life is crucial to your success. 

This article by Federico Guerrini at Forbes expands upon why networking is crucial for startup success.
[tweet_dis_img]95% of entrepreneurs say that face to face meetings are essential for long term business relationships[/tweet_dis_img]

Startup Tips For Beating Your Competition

You might think that your startup is unique. You may even think that you’re filling a gap in the market that hasn’t been touched by other founders. In reality, you’ll be competing with like-minded founders who might not have the same vision but operate in the same field.

You might find yourself competing for investors, for connections, for clients, and for social media presence. So while your startup may be unique, it’s likely that you’ll always face competition to establish yourself as the leading business in your field.
[tweet_dis_img]No one business can appeal to everybody. So your best response is to define your brand and consistently communicate your own USP[/tweet_dis_img]
For example, there are many dating sites and apps. When Tinder entered this market, they knew they’d have to compete with traditional dating businesses to gain an edge. What they did was focus on developing new technology and focus on their unique selling points. 

As this article by KissMetrics explains, there are a few ways you can nail down on your unique selling points.This is a critical startup tip you must heed if you want to succeed.

There may not be many other startups doing what you’re doing specifically. However, there is a strong chance there will always be other businesses in your market you’ll be competing with. You’ll be able to stand out by focusing on your unique strengths and selling points.

Make sure you focus on them and execute them relentlessly.
[tweet_dis_img]Only 10% of startups will succeed[/tweet_dis_img]

Startup Tips For Slow And Steady Growth

Every business begins as a startup with little money.

Even companies like Apple, Facebook, Instagram, and Uber started off with little money. They had to rely on getting investment funding to grow just like all startups do. It was only after a period of sustained growth and excellence that they could dominate their markets.

Preparing your startup for this growth isn’t easy but this article by the Business Collective will get you started.

We know that many companies want rapid growth. The reality is that this is not ideal because most startups don’t have the funding available to sustain such immediate popularity and burn out. That’s not what we want for you.

Slow and steady always wins the race. Overnight success is a myth so don’t buy into it.
[tweet_dis_img]Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success[/tweet_dis_img]

Startup Tips For Dealing With Slackers

100% commitment is required to make a started succeed and achieve growth. However, you’re going to be more invested in this success than anyone else in your startup. 

Some people will just be in it for a temporary job and not committed to the long-term success of the startup. So it’s important that employees you hire follow your rules and comply with expectations. The most effective way to do this is via employee contracts that stipulate expectations and responsibilities while employed by your company.

Understandably, you might think that creating employee contracts will be expensive and a hassle.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.
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