How Online Services Have Democratised Legal Services

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The internet has completely changed the way business owners access legal information.

Ten years ago and then even before that, there was nowhere near the amount of easy access to legal advice that there is today. We are proud to say that here at Linkilaw we play a role in delivering that information.


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Being able to give business owners great legal advice with ease of access is a huge advantage businesses today have. Unlike business owners of previous generations. This doesn’t necessarily mean all legal advice is good advice, but it’s certainly changed the way we digest legal information.

In this post, we’re going to specifically look at how online services have democratised legal advice and what it means for you.

Legal Templates

Legal templates have really changed the ballgame. Previously, whenever you needed any legal document you had to step foot into a lawyer’s office and get something written out. Now there are countless legal firms that offer ready to use templates. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and now you have a legally binding document!

These templates are available for all sorts of legal issues like disclaimers, TOS, employee contracts, and so much more. For example, all businesses need a disclaimer and TOS on their website. What could be easier than using one of these ready-made templates?

It’s the perfect solution for entrepreneurs that don’t want to step foot into a lawyer’s office and get a customised template written out.

However, it’s important we point out that a one size fits approach may not necessarily be ideal for your business. You should still, at least, consult with a legal expert first and determine if a customised template will give you greater protection.

Blog Publishing

The internet has really changed how business owners digest legal advice. If a business owner wants to get some legal information about an issue they’re facing, they can now use the internet to find information. Most legal firms now have their own blog and regularly publish content.

Many entrepreneurs aren’t well versed in legal matters and tend to try and do a lot of things themselves. There are many legal issues that can arise regarding matters of taxation, intellectual property rights, choosing a business structure, and much more.

Many entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily ready to contact a lawyer as soon as a legal issue arises. First, they want to do a bit of background research first. They just want to be able to jump online and do a quick search and see if they can find a solution.

In many cases, blog content will be able to educate them on specific legal issues they’re facing, and may even help them determine what they need to do. This also has a lot of advantages for the legal firm because it’s an opportunity to create useful blog content that can potentially win a new customer.

Online Legal Services

Many law firms now have dedicated online legal services that help entrepreneurs with specific legal issues they’re facing. Previously, you had to look in the Yellow Pages or rely on word of mouth to find quality legal services. Now, it’s available to anyone and from anywhere.

This easy access is a major advantage for entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs aren’t well versed in legal matters and eventually, they’re going to need help. Online legal services have completely changed all of this and the way people can access legal information.

For example, you can find online legal services dedicated to specific issues like IP protection. Some may focus specifically on small business and some on corporations. Then you have branches such as tax law, small business law, and all the rest. As has already been mentioned in a previous point, some specifically focus on providing Done-for-You templates any business owner can use.

By being able to access legal service online, it removes a lot of the intimidation an entrepreneur may experience consulting with a legal expert. It’s also incredibly fast to access quality legal advice. In many cases, you can contact a legal expert online and you’ll receive an answer within 24 hours.

It’s this convenience and ease of access that makes online legal services incredibly attractive for entrepreneurs.


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Closing Thoughts

The internet has really opened up legal services to many people. It could either be seen as a blessing or a curse, depending on how you want to look at it.

Either way, it’s completely changed the way entrepreneurs access and digest legal information. If you’d like to know more about legal services that can help you with any legal issues then get in touch. We can help you with a range of legal issues you may be facing and give you personally tailored advice.

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