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Linkilaw At Web Summit: Our Experience There And Contribution

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Excitement galore: From November 7-10, the Linkilaw crew attended the Startup Summit in Lisbon, Portugal! Linkilaw at Web Summit was an exciting experience for us as you’ll read about below.

The impatience was rising as we were looking forward to a day packed with cutting-edge talks, panel discussions and workshops on entrepreneurship and business in the company of the startup scene’s key figures, inspiring entrepreneurs and like minded individuals.

On that note, we were also very enthusiastic about brushing shoulders with the best, bravest, and most insightful business founders, CEOs, and political figures that continue to shape our economic landscape and prove as a giant source of inspiration.

Without further ado, read all about Linkilaw at Web Summit below!

Why We Are There: Linkilaw At Web Summit

The reason why supporting this event has been so important to us is because we are a startup too, which makes the topic of the summit so very close to our eager entrepreneurial hearts.

Small businesses are the pinnacle upon which our economy hinges; they are, without exaggeration, the bread and butter of the majority of British people. The numbers do not lie: there were 5.4 million SMEs in the UK in 2016, which accounts for more than 99% of all businesses.

Startups take a substantial and ever-so-growing chunk of that number: Just last year, 608,110 businesses were started in our country. Nobody can argue about the importance of this topic for the growth and advancement of our country, for the future of our children.
[tweet_dis_img]linkilaw at web summit[/tweet_dis_img] Entrepreneurship is almost always marked by creativity, forward-thinking, audacity. Thanks to startups, some of the most progressive ideas are being propelled into our imminent day-to-day lives, and as such they immediately improve our reality.

It is for these reasons we feel:

– Privileged to be a part of the startup enthusiasts and entrepreneurs
– Passionate about learning and exchanging ideas and experiences with others
– Inspired by some truly outstanding entrepreneurs, influencers and thinkers
– Determined to play our part in overcoming the challenges startups face today.

The Stumbling Blocks Of Entrepreneurship Today: Linkilaw At Web Summit

All that being said, we firmly believe that there is no point in sticking our heads in the sand. The survival rate of startups is worryingly low, with half of UK startups failing within the first five years!

Times have always been tough for small business owners, and now with the pound plunge and the Brexit aftermath, even more so than before.
[tweet_dis_img]linkilaw at web summit[/tweet_dis_img] That’s why it’s important to stick together and work towards a more coherent and favourable national policy aimed at helping small businesses and startups to thrive. Lack of funding options, especially bank lending; an extremely unfavourable tax system; difficulties with exporting to other markets etc., are only some of the challenges startups have to deal with on today’s market.

Our Contribution: Linkilaw At Web Summit

Our mission is to make legal services accessible and affordable to everyone, but especially to small business and startup owners and entrepreneurs. With Linkilaw at Web Summit, we’re hoping to spread word of our mission and show startups that they can achieve success and overcome legal hurdles.

We also take pride in sharing our knowledge and providing bountiful and relevant advice through our regularly updated blog. We do this because cost should not be an obstacle to your business receiving quality legal service – just as lack of knowledge and understanding of a legal matter isn’t something that should get in the way of your daily operations.

We work with some of the finest, most apt and pre-vetted UK solicitors that we can match you with through our online database. Being a startup ourselves, we value fast, reliable and high-quality service that is reasonably priced. This encapsulates our values, and we want to help businesses that think and work in a similar fashion.

We hope that Linkilaw at Web Summit will be a regular event for us and that we can continue helping businesses we meet at events like Web Summit.

So book a free Startup Legal Session and see how we can help you.

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