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Our first featured story this week explores how meditation can be effective for creating a relaxed and more creative work culture at startups.


Our next story takes a look at an accelerator program specifically designed for the needs of startups looking to tackle unemployment and other employment barriers.


Third, we take a look at how and why Romania could be about to become a major tech startup hub in Europe.


Lastly, we explore a new startup that will actually help you get financial compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled.


Startups Meditate Their Way To Great Growth


This featured story takes a look at how meditation and spirituality can help a startup grow rapidly.


We all know that work culture and environment play a big role in the motivation and success of any company’s employees. And it has been found that things like meditation are a great way to help employees remain stress-free and rejuvenate their creative juices. In fact, the story mentions how numerous studies have shown that startup employees are able to remain attentive for longer regarding visual and listening tasks.

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There is no doubt that things like meditation are starting to play a bigger role in startups and our culture today in general. They help employees perform better and create a happier and less stressful workplace overall. You only need to look at the success of meditation startup Headspace to see how big this is now becoming in the industry.


Take a look at the post and maybe you’ll be inspired to try and make something like meditation a regular part of your startup.


This Startup Accelerator Targets Social Entrepreneurs Tackling Employment Barriers


Addressing unemployment and skills gaps in society is incredibly important. It’s something that startup accelerator REDF realises too. REDF is an accelerator program specifically designed for entrepreneurs that look to address employment issues. They have developed a curriculum that covers everything a startup in this industry needs to succeed like marketing, accounting, strategic planning, operations, and plenty more.


Unemployment is always going to be a problem in society. Startups that look to address employment barriers need all the help they can get, and that’s exactly why REDF created its accelerator program. They’re not funding startups, but they do give startups the chance to apply for a financing grant worth anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000.


Startups in this field face a lot of unique challenges and they need to be given every opportunity to succeed so they can tackle the issue of unemployment and barriers to employment. If you’re looking to create a startup in this field and you have a unique way to tackle employment barriers then check out the rest of the post because REDF may be perfect for you.


One Of The Poorest Countries In The EU Could Be Its Next Tech-Startup Hub


Romania is not a country very well-known for its startup industry, but it is one that is growing. We could see some rapid growth there, particularly for tech startups, in the coming years.


The country actually has the second-fastest growing economy in the EU behind Ireland. Since they joined the EU back in 2007, the economy has been growing and the startup scene slowly flourishing. There are now 170 startups listed in the country. It has become popular for international companies looking for cheap but effective outsourcing and even home-grown startups are now getting in on the act.


There is now a co-working space in Bucharest for tech entrepreneurs that is reminiscent of something you’d find in London or New York. Furthermore, the infrastructure there is perfect for tech startups. Romania has one of the fastest Internet speeds in Europe and its strong telecoms structure is attractive for many local and international tech startups.


Despite this, there are notable obstacles to overcome for the tech industry in Romania, such as many young people leaving the country to go work in countries like the UK. Romania has a good angel and seed investment funding history but falters behind countries like the UK when it comes to advanced funding.


However, the recent Brexit means that there are startups now exploring other opportunities. The cheap costs, infrastructure and thriving tech startup culture could be enough to start attracting more international talent to the country. It’s a great opportunity for the country, and time will tell if they capitalise on it or not.

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This Startup Will Help You Get Paid If Your Flight Is Delayed


We’ve all experienced a flight delay before. There aren’t many situations more frustrating or fearful in the world than being powerless to get home, start your vacation, or when you know you have a connecting flight to catch.


We have a feeling that many people who fly are going to be interested in a new startup called AirHelp. This is a startup that actually pays you if your flight is delayed or cancelled.


The way it works is very simple. You enter your details on a form on their website. You tell them what cities you flew through, the delay length and the reason given by the airline. Then they will determine whether or not your passenger rights have been violated. If they have, AirHelp they will assist you in pursuing compensation against the airline. If it’s successful, AirHelp will take 25% of that compensation.


The beauty of this whole system is that if the airline denies your compensation, you don’t pay anything to AirHelp. You pay only if the claim is successful.


It’s definitely a startup we think has the potential to explode in popularity globally in the next few years.




Thanks for reading Linkibuzz #61. Let’s do a quick recap of the stories we covered.


Firstly, we covered a story about how meditation is growing in popularity at startups. It has been found it increases creativity and creates a more positive and stress-free work culture.


Second, we took a look at an accelerator program specifically developed for startups tackling employment and unemployment issues.


Next, we looked at how Romania could be about to explode onto the scene in Europe as a major tech startup hub.


Lastly, we covered a story about a startup that will financially compensate people whose flights are delayed or cancelled.
We hope you enjoyed these stories and thanks for reading.