Is August really an awful month for business

Is August Really An Awful Month For Business?

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August is here! Summer holidays are at their peak and most people are kicking back and having a good time. But if you’re reading this post.. ahem.. I don’t think you’re on a paradise beach drinking a mojito, but working.

From a business perspective, unless you’re in the tourist business or your business sells summer products, August is usually the worst month. Clients go on vacation, new projects and important decisions are delayed to September and consequently, sales slow-down.

But is August really an awful month for business? 

Not everything in business is about sales. August gives entrepreneurs something that you rarely have: time. You can take advantage of this time and use it to hone in on your skills, improve your technology, marketing, and anything else that can drive your business forward for the rest of the year.

If you’re not sure how to spend this time, let’s break down how you can make the most of this month:

  • Review your performance for the year so far. As August falls in the middle of the year, it is a good moment to take some time to reflect on the decisions you’ve taken over the last year. It is really useful to examine the results and think whether you’ve reached your targets and how you can make more informed decisions for the rest of the year.
  • Complete your non-essential tasks. Are you familiar with tasks that you’re always pushing back because they’re not urgent and had no deadline? We are all guilty of this but not to worry –  August is the best month for picking up the slack.
  • Prepare for the months ahead. August is the perfect moment to prepare for the busiest months and to kick off projects that you never see the moment to start.
  • Improve your skills. There are always new things to learn and the calm that summer creates is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and improve your expertise. Pick one skill to focus on and attend a local class, read an expert book or find training tutorials.
  • Recharge your batteries. At Linkilaw, we’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and this is probably what is most difficult to accomplish. Even if you’re not taking a vacation, it’s important to dedicate some time to yourself. If you want to stay focused and motivated throughout the year, you need to recharge your batteries and disconnect from the crazy daily life.

We hope this helps you to see August as an opportunity! But meanwhile, if you want to make sure you have your legal foundations on point or you need legal advice, book a call with our legal team and we’ll provide you the support your business needs. 

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