Interview with the CEO of PolicyMogul, Elliot Robinson

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Meet Elliot Robinson, the Founder and CEO of PolicyMogul. PolicyMogul is a technology startup preparing to launch within the next few weeks. The company hopes to transform parliamentary democracy through the use of software and technology.

What does your company do?

Elliot: PolicyMogul is creating software to help public affairs professionals to have greater impact through collaboration. We also help parliamentarians to cut through the fog of lobbying activity.

What inspired you to start your company?

Elliot: My grandfather founded parliamentary monitoring in the UK in 1966 (for which he was awarded an OBE), and my father runs the original monitoring company ParliamentToday. My background is in software-as-a-service, having been one of the first employees at Zendesk, and instrumental in the success of several other SaaS companies. I’m now bringing the two worlds together.

What has your company accomplished this year, and how does this make you feel?

Elliot: We are about to launch. In the last year we’ve gone from concept to product, and even have some paying customers as part of our pre-launch. We’ve also partnered with one of the world’s leading branding agencies who are currently working on our website and web app. I’m excited to see how things progress once we launch.

What are some ways your company focuses on team development?

Elliot: I’m about to hire the first employee. So I’ll let you know!

What do you love most about your customers?

Elliot: I used to be the general manager at a company that sold software to churches. Pretty strange for an atheist Jew, I know. I didn’t have anything in common with the customer, didn’t relate to them. I have a lot of respect for our PolicyMogul customers – it’s quite different.

What’s next for your company?

Elliot: Launch the product in a couple of weeks!


PolicyMogul is on a mission to help public affairs professionals and parliamentarians have a greater impact through collaboration. If you are interested in their services, their website will be live in about two weeks time: .