Interview with the Managing Director of Player LENS Ltd., Lee Hemmings

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Meet Lee Hemmings, the Founder and Managing Director of Player LENS Ltd.  Player LENS is revolutionising the professional football transfer market through the use of technology.

What does your company do?

Lee: Player LENS is an online digital platform for the professional football transfer market allowing clubs and players to broaden their network and increase their exposure to a global audience of peers.

What inspired you to start Player LENS?

Lee: I saw first-hand how other markets were disrupted by technology to deliver efficiency and value through peer-to-peer communication. The football transfer market has remained in the dark ages for a while.

What are some ways your company focuses on team development?

Lee: Globally, we have club relationship managers that build our exclusive online network. It’s imperative that we communicate regularly to know of each others’ progress and developments. We manage this through our CRM system, regular calls, and video conferences; we also meet up together at least once a year.

What do you love most about your customers?

Lee: All the clubs in our network are presented different challenges to develop talent and recruit effectively in order to deliver on-field performance. Our platform accommodates their structural individual challenges, as well as strategic preferences, to deliver options, otherwise limited to a smaller network of known contacts. As an example, allowing a club in Colombia to affect business in Europe or Asia has historically been near impossible.

What’s next for Player LENS?

Lee: Our network currently spans close to 400 clubs globally and is growing fast. In the short term we will continue to build this network which, in turn, adds value to our existing members.