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Around the Web – Roundup of ‘business worthy’ Internet posts

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Welcome back to our 4th weekly roundup of ‘business worthy’ Internet posts from all around the UK. There’s a mixture of serious and fun – our intention is to keep it interesting, while continuing to add to your ‘toolbox’ of business savvy.

Why I Thought It Was Time To Revolutionise The Law

Around the Web – Week 4 (1)

One of our newest posts was contributed this week by Linkilaw’s CEO and founder, Alexandra Isenegger. Don’t miss her personal story, leading up to the launch of Linkilaw. Alexandra shares that her company’s vision is for “people to have access to lawyers who will provide optimal and factually correct advice. After all, it’s a basic human right.”

What War Reporters Taught Me About Business

Katarina Skoberne shares the knowledge she gleaned from her work as an interpreter for war correspondents. The lessons acquired for dealing with fear have helped her in life, and in business.

When you aren’t sure about a situation’s legal implications, it can be stressful (if not frightening). Staying in front of your fears can make all the difference in the world. Keep in mind – before commencing with your next ‘sure thing’ – that asking for initial legal advice for business startups can significantly lower the level of anxiety.

Funniest Puns In Small Business Names Revealed

Though choosing a quirky name for your business can be a risky thing, if your ‘play on words’ is especially brilliant you just might become the talk of the town. From Florist Gump and Cod Father fish and chips, to Curl Up and Dye hairdressers, Britain’s traders show their sense of humour, and their customers are responding!

For more on the subject of business identity, check out Linkilaw’s new post exploring ‘What’s in a name…’

Ageism At Work: Older Workers Are Being Unfairly Overlooked

It’s hard to believe the statistics from a report by the Institute of Leadership and Management – 61% of managers reveal their workers over 50 years of age have low to very low potential to progress! With the over-fifty crowd scoring 85% higher than their younger counterparts with specific knowledge and skills, with a 78% better comprehension of what customer service means, this is astounding news with serious legal implications.

It is entirely unlawful to treat an employee or applicant with less favour because of their age, with no justification. To dig deeper on the subject, visit our latest post on walking the tightrope of workplace discrimination and stay on the right side of business and company law!



It’ll Take 100 Years To Hit London Rental Standard Target Says Labour

There’s a bit of a difference of opinions about the London Rental Standard (LRS) and whether it can be called a success, after only one year since its initial launch. The scheme intended to improve the standards for residential tenants, according to Tom Copley (housing’s spokesman for Labour’s London Assembly) is “more than embarrassing, it’s a scandal.”

The Mayor’s goal is to sign up 100,000 landlords by May of 2016, however at this time only 14,100 have voluntarily agreed to the code of practice intended to bring peace of mind and security to tenants. The LRS is a good start, but it’s moving along slowly. It seems this self-regulatory action might have only drawn a line in the sand; with the good making even greater strides to be good, and the bad maintaining their status quo.

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