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Tips from 10 of the UK’s leading entrepreneurship wizards

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This week we have an interesting mix.  We’re going to see best tips from 10 of the UK’s leading entrepreneurship wizards, cover a success story about immigrant employment, touch bases on a new government directive on big business tax planning, and explore the new tech trend of 3-D printing. Enjoy!

10 Of The UK’s Leading Business Authors, Entrepreneurs And Leadership Coaches Share Their Top Tips For Success
As it’s the end of the week, we want you to feel inspired by others and learn from their success. Here’s a collection of 10 quotes from business authors, leadership consultants, award-winning entrepreneurs and business coaches. For more on this subject check out Linkilaw’s new post about  making your business stand out from the crowd.

The Journey Of An Immigrant Entrepreneur To Transforming Communities
In this weeks post, we looked deeper into immigration law and the impacts of employing immigrants and while doing the research, we came across the success story of Melody Hossaini, who first set up her global social enterprise business in Leicester in 2009, after moving to the UK at the age of 13. Melody set up the social enterprise InspirEngage International, with just a hotmail e-mail account and no money and she is now an influential woman entrepreneur. You can get inspired by her story by watching her talk at TEDxKLWomen 2013.

The New Governmental Direction On Big Business Tax Planning
The government announced that it wants big companies based in the UK to sign a voluntary code of conduct for following the spirit and letter of law and start publishing their annual tax strategy. Big businesses would have to agree to renounce aggressive tax planning, says HMRC, and would also be obliged to publish an annual tax strategy, signed off by a named executive at board level, under new rules proposed by HM Revenue and Customs. It is expected that the government will take similar steps to discourage aggressive tax planning by wealthy individuals and their advisers as well.

A Trip Inside MakerBot’s New 3-D Printing Factory
We love staying up to date with tech innovation and it’s clear that 3-D printing is a trend to follow that will continue growing and innovating. MakerBot is one of the leaders in the 3-D printing field, specifically in the actual creation of 3-D printers. The company’s goal is to put a 3-D printer in every home and classroom – and they are simplifying the 3-D printers and printing process daily.

What they’re not printing are the actual printers – well, not yet – as they’re always innovating to make their company stand out from the existing crowd of 3-D enthusiasts. Go ahead and check out their process for a delicious tech update.

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