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Around the Web – Government-Mandated Auto-Enrolment Policy

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Our weekly trek through the Internet has uncovered a few more things to ponder – and a bit of inspiration to absorb. From board games and entrepreneurships to social media under the microscope; from toxic workplace exposure to insufficiencies in the barely warm government-mandated auto-enrolment policy – there’s a little something for everyone!

Government Pays Companies To Monitor You On Social Media

It’s official. In the past few days, the government announced it was replacing a prior agreement (with selected companies) to watch and analyse the press with a more expansive intention. They have now added social media feeds to the mix, in order to “monitor public opinion on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and other platforms.”

Remember, public displays of opinion are ‘not private,’ which makes this action lawful. Read our latest Linkilaw post, Line in the Sand: Your Employees and Social Media, for tips on changing your passwords plus an in-depth look at how social media is affecting your employment.

Auto-Enrolment: Brave New ‘Pensions World’ Still Leaves Savers Short By A Long Chalk

With a 2018 deadline for every eligible employee to be given a chance at a pension, it’s coming down to ‘crunch time.’ Though the auto-enrolment regulation hoped to enlist most of the 50% of UK workers who currently don’t save to a pension, it’s going a bit slower than anticipated. And now the powers-that-be are already considering auto-escalation; to bridge the gap between what retirees will need to live on, compared to what their pension schemes are setting aside.

If you’re a new startup with questions about how auto-enrolment is affecting business and corporate law, check out this new post we’ve created just for you.

Monopoly Movie Passes Go, Hopefully Collects More Than $200

The game has, most certainly, given rise to more than a few self-made millionaires. And now, toymaker Hasbro is taking it to the streets – Monopoly’s famous Baltic Avenue to be exact. The movie will be based on a young boy’s quest to make his fortune, while avoiding jail. Though the concept was first leaked seven years ago, recent events are giving it new credence – the producer has locked-in screenwriter Andrew Niccol (The Truman Show).

Monopoly has already carved itself out a place in history; according to Guinness Book of Records it is the most popular game ever – with over 275 million sold in 47 languages. Its earliest version (The Landlord’s Game) was designed in 1904 by American Elizabeth Magie, as an educational tool to explain the Georgism single land value tax. Henry George theorized that taxing everything supplied by nature would be enough to provide limitless beneficial public investment of services (eliminating labor and production taxes). Interesting, right?

Roofer In Court After Workers Potentially Exposed To Asbestos

Despite a homeowner informing the roofing company of possible existing asbestos, the person in charge failed to request an asbestos survey. Unfortunately, their uninformed workers exposed themselves and the homeowners to the toxic substance.

It’s hard to believe that a contractor would take such chances, when the risks of asbestos and its devastating results are so well known. With an estimated 4,500 deaths per year caused by these airborne fibres, asbestos is still the largest single cause of work related fatalities in the UK. You might also want to have a look at Linkilaw’s recent post exploring the prevention of workplace accidents.

Frontline London: SSE Young Entrepreneurs

Nine months after the London Evening Standard set out to help disadvantaged would-be-entrepreneurs, this ‘now fortunate’ group of young adults shares its progress in this video; a heartwarming 10 minutes worth of inspiring stories. They gained support from mentors, grants and the learning programme (School for Social Entrepreneurs), which helped turned their dreams into reality.

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