Google's Secret Interview Process

Around the Web – Google’s Secret Interview Process

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And we’re back – with another roundup of UK business news and posts for your enlightenment, or just delight, or a bit of both. From landing a job with Google during an online course search, to how one startup made it big by getting people’s luggage to the airport without them. From the way sustainability is forging new leadership, to the crux of the UK’s new modern slavery legislation and its impact on your business policies.

I Was Invited By Google To Its ‘Secret’ Interview Process – Here’s What Happened

Intriguing story of the way a computer science master’s student, Mark Rosett, was ‘found’ by Google during a search for an advanced online class. Up popped the note: “You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?” After some pretty difficult testing over several days (through, he was contacted by a recruiter.

Bypassing the normal telephone screening (having made his way through several puzzles over a 2-week timeframe), Max finally arrives at Google’s offices. Up until that moment, he thought the whole thing was a prank, and – lucky for him – it proved to be authentic, and he landed the job!
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What Motivates CEOs To Solve The World’s Big Social And Environmental Problems?

Blogger Marc Gunther recounts how author Steve Schein’s interview of corporate sustainability executives turned into a book about ‘doing business better.’ Global executives (from Nike, Coca-Cola and Starbucks, to name a few) shared with Schein their childhood reflections, and what caused them to extend their involvement and education in sustainability efforts.

Schein’s book, A New Psychology for Sustainability Leadership: The Hidden Power of Ecological Worldviews, delves into how these “conscious mindsets are developed and expressed in the context of global sustainability practice,” and why they driving new approaches to leadership.

This London Startup Thinks It Has Solved One Of The Most Annoying Things About Flying

Author Rob Price explains how London’s Portr took the frequent business traveler’s personal comfort way beyond just the use of a fancier lounge. By handling their luggage from door-to-door, Portr figured out what was missing, came up with a practical solution, and then turned it into a great business. Impressive entrepreneurship at its finest – kind of amazing nobody thought of this before!

Here’s how it works:

  • The user books the service online or on mobile via a web app (native Android/iOS apps are under development)
  • A driver turns up to pick up your bag at a time convenient for you
  • You make your own way to the airport, where your bag is ready and waiting for you
  • On the home stretch, you drop off the luggage at the airport stall after landing, and it is delivered to a destination of your choosing.

U.K. Modern Slavery Act: New Disclosure Requirements For Companies Operating In The United Kingdom

This October companies conducting any part of their business in the UK may be affected, if they have annual gross revenues of £36 million or more. If found to be subject to this Act, your company will be required to publish (on your website) an annual “slavery and human trafficking statement.”

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The Act’s transparency regulations apply to all commercial businesses (goods and services), whether partnerships or corporations. The statement must be signed by top management or a Director, and include the following:

The organisation’s structure, nature of business, and description of its supply chain (where there is a risk of slavery) and the steps taken to assess and manage that risk; and to train its staff on these laws.

The due diligence and efforts and effectiveness the company demonstrated during the prior year to make certain its operations and supply chain were free from slavery and human trafficking.

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