The Future? Artificially Intelligent Lawyers

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The world’s first artificially intelligent lawyer called ROSS was unveiled this year and hired by a law firm called Baker & Hostetler. ROSS was developed by IBM using a technology that involves natural language processing and cognitive computing technology to give lawyers evidence-based answers to their questions.


Lawyers can ask the software program questions and it will search through its database, seeking for information that can help with preparing a legal case, and even finding information related to a case that could affect a case.


For a company like Baker & Hostetler, this is like their secret weapon and what they’ll use to give themselves an edge in their work for their clients, win new business, and of course, make their jobs much easier and more time-efficient.


However, there is a new question that’s being pondered by those in and outside of the industry, how will this affect the future of law and what role does AI play in that?

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What Role Could An AI Lawyer Play In Your Case?


Now, you’re probably wondering what role, if any, could an AI lawyer play in your legal case?


At the moment, probably not much, but in the future there is a very real chance it could play a big role in helping you win a litigation case. Essentially, this technology makes lawyers smarter with their cases. It aids their decisions and helps them compile information that could be the tipping point in them winning a case. While the technology is only being used by one law firm right now, you can expect many more to start investing in the same technology in the coming years.


Imagine, dealing with an intellectual property case in the courts. Your legal team can use this technology to help identify where the case can be won because of the information the software feeds back to them. It can stay up to date with other intellectual property violation cases and feed your legal team up to date information that could be crucial to your legal team winning the case.


In an instance like this, it would be ideal for your company’s team of lawyers to use such intelligent technology to its advantage, and it’s a very realistic possibility in the future once the technology expands.


Will This Spell The End For Human Lawyers?


The short answer to that is no, at least not in the immediate future. ROSS is simply a software program and is best thought of as a legal researcher or complement to legal work more than anything. Like anything new, there is the fear that it could replace humans.


It can’t replace humans, but it can perform certain tasks that humans are used to doing like the research part. This should be something many lawyers should be happy about as it effectively removes humans from the drudgerous research phase of a legal case. Another way to look at this is to look at how humans can use this technology to become better lawyers rather than simply becoming negative about the development.


Secondly, as we’ve mentioned, it’s simply a computer software program. It’s not an actual attorney and is not registered to practice law, yet alone sit in a courtroom like a real lawyer. So it’s certainly not at the point where human lawyers are going to be removed from any legal proceeding.


Who knows? Given the leaps in innovation and technology every decade, there is the possibility that in a few decades from now, we’ll start seeing technology like this developed to be used in a courtroom.


However, for now, it won’t happen. It’s now part of legal practice and more law firms will start investing in the technology, so it’s better to adapt with the flow and learn to embrace this technology because AI is here to stay.


Besides, if you’re a startup genius,perhaps you can create a company that headlines the next technology and advancements of AI in this field?


And if you’re currently a lawyer or considering becoming one, then it’s best to adapt to these changes and learn how to use this technology to your advantage.

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While they won’t be replacing humans anytime soon, these “AI lawyers” are going to be a vital research tool for many legal firms looking to get an edge in their legal cases.


So embrace the trend and adapt along with the new technology. That’s the only way to truly survive and thrive in any area.


If you want some legal help from a real human lawyer regarding a legal case then get in touch with us today to get your best quote.