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Around the Web – Amazon Opens Startup Loft In London

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Welcome to another exciting week across the UK, and here at Linkilaw. From Amazon’s new AWS pop-up coming to town (you’ll want to register early), and what matters to your employees, to startup notes from Airbnb’s co-founder, there’s a little something for everyone. And, we’re happy to receive another intriguing read by our founder, Alexandra Isenegger – an absorbing perspective from her post at a criminal defense table.

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Murder On Camera – A Close Up On British Justice

Linkilaw’s founder pens a very personal courtroom experience, in her ‘day in the life of a criminal lawyer’ account of a murder trial in Nottingham. The assault and resulting death is replayed on video, astounding the trial’s observers on all sides. Isenegger’s reflective thoughts, and insights, are especially poignant as she seeks to make logic from this unfortunate chain of circumstances.

Amazon Opens Startup Loft In London To Help Build The Next JustEat And Skyscanner  

For 7 weeks, beginning September 10th, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is staging a Pop-Up event at its first location (London) outside the U.S. The intention is to help developers, entrepreneurs and tech startups to build their new ventures on AWS.

From technical sessions and bootcamps to hands-on labs and consultations with architects, it’s all free when you sign up for sessions. Startups are invited to attend and enjoy snacks, as well as in-person technical guidance from the AWS Solution Architects, Engineers, Product Managers, Support, and thought leaders.

The AWS Activate programme is geared to offer startups the resources they need to launch with AWS. Services are low cost, user-friendly and suitable for small to large businesses. Amongst those having leveraged AWS are Pinterest, Instagram and Dropbox. The latest in an exciting long line of incubator/accelerator ventures in the UK.

One Third Of British Employees Find Their Jobs Meaningless

A study inspired by Professor David Graeber resulted in surprisingly higher numbers than the anthropologist had anticipated, after writing a paper theorizing that “increasing numbers of jobs are not socially useful and exist only for their own sake.”

Statistics showed that 37pc of those surveyed felt their jobs were not making a meaningful contribution to the world. The men, who represented 42pc of this sector, were more likely to say that their job was meaningless then the women.

Curious, was that only 35% of those finding no meaning in their work “would consider changing their positions within the next year.” But then again, people also need to make ends meet – a fundamental reason which stops the unsatisfied from changing their circumstances. Next to a living wage, what matters most to employees, is a feeling that they are contributing real value.

Airbnb On Building A Global Company

“The world thought we were crazy,” recalls Gebbia. Airbnb co-founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia could barely make rent. When business suffered, they took some wise advice to ‘go to the people,’ and they traveled to the source of their target market, New York City.

“We got so close that we got to step into their shoes for a moment and see the world through their eyes, and really see the pain points that they were feeling,” says Gebbia. “That’s the basic of innovation – you take an enlightened and empathetic point of view and combine it with your own unique point of view to create something new.”

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Though the company has experienced some problems –which may have been avoided by mandating the use of a property management company (rather than depending on owners to handle finances and upkeep) – to date, Airbnb has listings in 34,000 cities, and has hosted more than 40mil stays. It seems they have some real branding issues to deal with, and with this scale of success, you’d like to see them work through it. “The Intern” – Coming To UK Theatres October 2nd Because we’ve addressed the pros and cons of hiring interns this week, we thought it would be fun, and relevant, to include this trailer from a soon-to-be-released film addressing some of the issues. Trying to fill the hole in his life, at 70 years old, Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro) is hired as the new intern for Anne Hathaway, an online fashion startup mogul. In this case you get to experience the best of both worlds, extended life’s work for a brilliant senior citizen, who becomes a mentor for his young entrepreneurial employer. Find and Hire the best lawyer for your needs