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Around The Web – Advice About SME Funding And Restrictive Covenants

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This week we’ve discovered 5 posts floating around the blogosphere – loaded with great business insight and ideas. There’s advice about SME funding and restrictive covenants, and how-to’s for picking a winning business name. Building a happy workforce and finding the perfect location for your business are included. Happy reading!

How can a Restrictive Covenant be Enforced?

Restrictive Covenant: Is it really applicable, and how is it enforced?

Do Small Businesses still need Banks?

Have banks had their day when it comes to lending to small businesses? In this post, Paul Mildenstein examines the reasons why many SME’s are turning to alternative funding sources.

How to Pick the Winner from Your Business Name Shortlist

Need some input on choosing the perfect business name? This article poses questions to stir your imagination, helping you create a name that stands out.

Happiness is an Inside Job

Need some tips on motivation to inspire your employees? This post shows us how better communication can change your company from conventional to remarkable.

Location, Location, Location: How to Pick the Right One for Your Business

Choosing just the right place for your startup depends on many things. Read the opinions of several successful business executives and why they feel location is so important.

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