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AARRR is an acronym for ‘Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral’, and is a metrics model which every business must look at to ensure that it creates a successful relationship with it’s users – and keeps hold of it.

  • What can a business do to make sure it attracts clients?
  • Once clients come into contact with the business, is the initial experience positive?
  • What can be done to keep users on board?
  • Is there money to be made from the relationship?
  • How can more users be acquired, and how can the current users be retained?

It’s clear to see that without customer satisfaction, a business is a sinking ship!

With the support of the startups in our blog, many businesses have been able to create and strengthen user relationships with innovation, common sense and a passion for other businesses.

Some of the startups listed below focus specifically on processes which collect information that is directly used for improving customer service. Others provide frameworks which protect businesses from expensive issues which could have a knock-on effect on how a business is run.

By intrinsically understanding the needs that are required in B2B relationships – these startups, in one way or another, not only enable their clients to follow the AARRR metric system, but have shown that they follow it themselves.

That is why the products or services offered by the following startups can be essential for your business growth.

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Pedro Quintas, CEO

“Businesses need a powerful combination of bot and human.”

Pedro QuintasCollab processes the interactions that businesses have with their consumers through calls, text messages, and social media simultaneously. 

By delivering Digital Transformation to Contact Centers (CCs) of all sizes, Collab uses the disruptive power of Artificial Intelligence to make their service easy to use with their agile and quick processes. Every business needs to understand their customers, and with Collab – they can. This information is invaluable to a business as their brands are then enabled to deliver better customer service and retaining clients.


  • User-friendly interface that allows businesses to benefit from their Collab Logotechnology without having to deal with the complexity of processing masses of data
  • Integration of a Multimedia Contact Center with modern CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools to fully digitise the customer service side of your business and easily follow your customer journeys
  • Scalability and geographical distribution on a self-service basis

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Tuk Tuk Cartel
Alain Buffing, CEO & Founder

“We have a vision to engage and enable anybody that strives to disrupt the status quo, to make an impact and improve society.”


Tuk Tuk CartelTuk Tuk Cartel encourages philanthropic entrepreneurship via an interconnected community of volunteers, that support projects in developing countries which focus on education, innovation and sustainability.

Corporate employees, freelancers, independent professionals, or anyone with an entrepreneurial skill set who is looking to disrupt the status quo can volunteer in local construction activities, educational workshops, and all kinds of adventurous activities in less-developed areas.Tuk Tuk Cartel Logo


  • Businesses are able to support their employees’ pursuit to volunteer and thereby give their job more meaning.
  • Enable, innovation via corporate funding, thus giving back via the revenue generated.
  • Customers love businesses with a heart!

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Watermelon Messenger
Alexander Wijninga, CEO

“Every great business must be devoted to give their users a better customer service experience.”

Watermelon MessengerBased in The Netherlands and created by Alexander Wijninga and Charl Haas, Watermelon Messenger is a platform that is devoted to giving great customer service and one easy-to-navigate dashboard to talk to customers simply and directly.

An automated representative replies to numerous questions simultaneously through Facebook Messenger, email, chat, or Telegram Messenger, with many more social networks joining soon. Their mission is to make sure businesses offer consumers a better customer service experience.


  • Watermelon Messenger integrates the customer service channels of a Watermelon logobusiness into a single overview of all the communications.
  • The company communications are therefore more transparent as all the colleagues can work together from one dashboard.
  • There is also the option of adding an Artificial Intelligent agent to aid in the automation of working with customers.

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Lex Campbell, Co-Founder

“Jim Collins said, ‘Great vision without great people is irrelevant. We want you to hire the best talent, and not just those who are seeking employment.”

ImpressMe CEO Lex CampbellImpressMe believes that the best hires come from recommendations and with their help, the average person can act as a recruitment agency (“talent finders”) by using their professional network to recommend people for jobs. These people even get paid if that recommendation gets hired!

The talent finders submit potential candidates from their networks. The submissions include a comprehensive resumé, 60-second video, and a psychometric evaluation.

Impress MeBenefits

  • ImpressMe lets businesses get to know their candidates, before setting up a single interview
  • Vacancies can easily be listed on ImpressMe by businesses looking for talent
  • Talented individuals can easily be found by an employer by fishing through profiles

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Kirill Soloviev, CEO

“David Brier said that ‘superior products and services deserve superior branding’. Nimi helps new businesses and products succeed by keeping them away from poor brand names.”

Nimi CEO KirillA name of a household cleaner, previously known as ‘Jif’ had to be changed as different pronunciations and interpretations of the name worldwide made the branding of the product inconsistent.

A name is incredibly important as it defines how future customers perceive a business, and if it’s offensive, duplicated or unimpressive – a business can suffer!

Nimi helps businesses choose the best name for a company, brand, or product.

This is done by analysing how people react to your name choice across more than 20 countries – avoiding linguistic   Nimi logoproblems, embarrassing connotations or similar names.


  • Before anything is determined for a business, the reactions to react to a brand name, logo, and tagline are looked at
  • Interpretations across different markets are accessed avoiding embarrassment and legal issues
  • The brand name is tested for uniqueness and ease to pronounce helps businesses make their mark on in markets

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Fergal O’Connor, CEO

“Henry Ford, once stated that half of his advertising is wasted, but that he just didn’t know which half! We aim to reduce the amount of wastage for SME businesses with our tools.”

BuyMedia CEOFun fact: at one point, Primark spent relatively little money on advertising. Their only promotive expenditure was the cost of printing the logo on their disposable shopping bags. For sometime, this was credited by the company as one of the main reasons the clothing was so cheap.

BuyMedia is a B2B e-commerce platform that trades in advertising.

By providing a set of intelligent marketing tools to help research, plan, purchase, create, monitor and measure their advertising campaigns more effectively, they reduce the time and money spent by SMEs when working with media companies. It connects buyers of radio, television, and newspaper advertising to suitable sellers Buymedia logoand provides real-time data analytics on the advertising industry.


  • Increases the return on investment made by businesses when looking for advertising
  • Saves time and money spent by Media Companies and advertisers, therefore saving time and money for their customers
  • Reduces the overheads of businesses – meaning that services and products are cheaper for their customers without lowering the quality

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Matthew Van Niekerk, Co-Founder & CEO (Above)
Roderik Van Der Veer, Co-Founder & CTO (Below)

SettleMint CEO Matthew‘Blockchain is a new technology and is often looked at from a cost cutting perspective. SettleMint moves out of the realm of theory and proves it’s actually possible to not only cut costs or extend existing markets with this technology but also create totally new value adding business models’.

Whether their customers are looking to become more efficient, develop existing products and services for new clients, or completely reinvent an existing business model, the use of blockchain has an untapped potential.

SettleMint helps organisations take advantage of the benefits of SettleMint CTO Roderikblockchain and its adjacent technologies. Their solution can allow to securely store and validate documents on a distributed ledger, track goods, parts or sensitive items from source to destination, reduce transaction costs by keeping money inside your marketplace and much more!


  • Works to streamline the processes of formally separate and complex programs (offering modular middleware solutions)
  • Creates user-friendly applications of previously complicated processes for businesses
  • Provides a marketplace for Internet of Things products
    SettleMint Logo

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Data Innovation Systems
Paul Hennessy, CEO

“Big Data brings big risks, there’s still clearly not enough companies utilising their data correctly, only 23% of companies have a clear data strategy, we’re talking about a market worth 122 Billion in 2015, predicted to grow to 187 Billion by 2019.”

Data Innovation System CEOData Innovation Systems have designed innovative technology which is built for a specific purpose. Specialised in custom software solutions, Data Innovation Systems is a data agency, which have developed advanced enterprise applications to gather, analyse, and react to data. Their data-driven solutions enable streamlined operations, huge financial savings, and increased revenue growth.

Data Innovation Systems has a solution for over 7 different industries, them being: Insurance, Financial, I.T., Ecommerce, Medical, Government and Pharmaceutical.

Data Innovation Systems LogoBenefits

  • Business can enable fully automated systems, meaning that more time is spent on other aspects
  • Employee costs are reduced greatly
  • The software delivers real-time data promoting organisational growth

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Our Wrap Up Of The 8 Startups Every Business Should Use

There you have it!

Here are 8 of the startups every business should use. These startups work in different ways and seem to have different outcomes, but overall, have the ability to directly and indirectly work to strengthen a business’ relationship with its clients and users.

If you would like to get in contact with any of these startups, either contact us and we can direct you to the correct point of contact or make an enquiry to the startups through the links provided, referencing Linkilaw’s blog.

If are a startup yourself, make sure you’re legally protected! Get your free Startup Legal Session now, and talk to one of our expert legal advisors about how you can get the legal framework your business needs to grow fearlessly!

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