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The 12 Coolest Startups Of 2016

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In the UK alone there are expectations that more than 600,000 new startups launched in 2016.

With numbers like these getting larger every year, it can be very hard to to keep up with all the new businesses that are starting up. The greatest startups can easily get lost in the mix.

Rest assured, we’ve done the work for you. 

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Here Are The 12 Coolest Startups Of 2016:

HeySuccess: Starting from the vision of Mike Pilic, this UK-based company is the perfect tool for any student looking for international student programs (events, scholarships, internships, projects, and graduate programs).

The simplicity and ease of use is why HeySuccess has been successful in generating more than 20,000 programs A must-use tool for any student looking to do something abroad.

Funding: HeySuccess received $161,000 in Angel funding on 20 September 2015.    

Virtually Reality: We’re part Apple store, part arcade and part art gallery.” Personally, that sounds like the best mix of things. The young company based in Camden Market, London, is UK’s first retail space dedicated to virtual reality (VR). They offer consumers a place where they can experience and learn about VR.

Then after having experienced how VR works, you can buy one for yourself! One of the coolest startups if you ask us!

Funding: Undisclosed

Recharge: Ever been tired and want to take a quick nap or just want to take a quick shower on the go? Well thanks to Recharge, you can easily do that. Currently only available in San Francisco, Recharge lets you book a hotel room on-the-go.

They charge you only for how long you use the room and at the amazing rate of $0.66 per minute. Recharging your batteries has never been simpler especially with startups like this around.

Funding: In June 2016, the company received $2.3 million in Seed funding.  

Truebill: How many people have signed up for a subscription in order to take advantage of a special offer, and then totally forgot to cancel the subscription when the special expired? San Francisco-based Truebill is there to help.

They help find, track, and cancel any of your paid subscriptions with extreme ease. Let Truebill save you money on useless subscriptions.

Funding: As of 27 June 2016, the company had raised $1.55 million in Seed funding.    

Starry: “Better WiFi. Easier than ever.” Starry will help you understand what exactly is happening with your Internet. It will monitor to make sure it is actually running at the speed you paid for, show you how many devices are connected, what parental controls, and many other perks.

A faster speed Internet service is en route. So if you are living in the US and want to have the fastest Internet speed possible then visit their website.

Funding: Undisclosed.

Lola: Travelling just got a whole lot easier thanks to this new app. Lola helps provide a bespoke travel service to clients via their app. The app connects the user to their travel consultants who help find hotels, book flights, and anything else you might need. 

For example, they check the forecast while you’re vacationing and send a text suggesting a surf lesson or boat trip because the weather is supposed to be exceptional.

So next time you are taking a trip in the US, think about using Lola to handle all your needs.   

Funding: In April of 2016, Lola raised funds of $19.7 million in Round A funding.

Sup: “SUP is a mobile app that helps you find friends who are nearby and available right now for an activity”. Currently only available in Singapore, Sup will be the perfect tool for easily meeting friends after work or when travelling to another country.

However it’s not all about your old friends, using Sup you can also meet new people and make new friends. Keep an eye out for when Sup is coming to your country because it’s one of the startups that could be a game changer.

Funding: Undisclosed.

Love the Sales: Love the Sales takes all the sales from 500 of the top UK retail stores and puts them all online in one easy-to-find place. No more scouring the web or asking a friend if they know of any sales! Products range from fashion to home ware, and even electronics.

Funding: Raised an undisclosed amount in Seed funding on the April of 2015.

Pearl: Old car owners and new car owners rejoice! Pearl wants to bring your car to the future, by making your drive more enjoyable and less stressful. RearVision allows any car to have a rear view camera linked to your smart phone.

The camera will emit noise if you are getting too close to an object, can be turned side to side to see around corners, and help with parking.

An amazing product and definitely one of the startups you want to check often.     

Funding: Pearl has fundraised a total of $50 million in Series A funding as of 21 June 2016.

Zapgo: How many people have this problem: You have to charge your phone quickly but you just don’t have the time? Well Zapgo has the answer for you!

Their supercapacitors can charge in 5 minutes or less. They will be available for sale in the UK in 2017.

How cool is that?! We think they’re definitely one of the coolest startups at the moment.

Funding: The company has had two Equity Crowdfunding, both in 2015, bringing in about £1.366 million.

Liquidproof: Their products currently help protect your shoes and furnishings from any unwanted spills or weather. Unlike other names in the market, Liquidproof doesn’t use any harmful products, does not leave markings, and is odourless.

Based in the UK, this company also sells abroad. It’s perfect for when you want to go out at night in bad weather in your favourite shoes.

Funding: Undisclosed.

Cheddar: This brand new, on-demand news network, focused on millennials, adds a twist to how the news is presented. Based in New York, Cheddar is broadcast on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

It’s focus is on being able to be watched easily anywhere, on any device, anytime and through the lens of the companies and executives.

If you are interested being kept up-to-date with news, check them out!

Funding: Cheddar has received funds twice. Once as a Series A round collecting $3 million in February 2016. A Series B round in September 2016 garnered a further $10 million.

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Final Words On The Best Startups of 2016 

Whether you are interested in startups, looking to or currently working for one or a founder of one, now is the perfect time to jump in! With increasing numbers of startups, it is exciting to see what new ideas will come in the future.

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