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Business Connections Live: Interview With Andrew Weaver On Perils Of Seed Funding For Startups

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Business Connections Live: Interview with Andrew Weaver on Perils of seed funding for startups republished from Business Connections Live.

[tweet_dis_img]When a VC makes a seed investment, they're really just buying an option.[/tweet_dis_img]

Seed funding for startups can be a daunting prospect. Andrew Weaver, CEO at LawyerFair, has just gone through the process and shares the perils and pitfalls of the fund raising process with you based on his own personal experience of recently closing a seed round for LawyerFair. A lot of the information and experience can be transferred across to any business looking to raise finance but as there is lots of excitement in start ups at the moment, that’s where our focus will be.

Seed Funding For Startups: What You Will Learn

  • What is the route map for seed funding
  • What are investors looking for
  • What you should and shouldn’t include in your investment pack
  • Picking the right funder for your business – it’s not just about money
  • Getting the timing right
  • Understanding what the money is for and how you’re going to use it

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Seed Funding For Startups: What You Will Achieve

  • See the pitfalls and perils of the fund raising process
  • Focus on what investors want, not what the entrepreneurs thinks they want
  • Recognising consistent errors made when fund raising in a competitive market
  • Finding the right fit between business and funder
  • Understanding what metrics matter and what vanity metrics to ignore
  • Building a team & network, you can’t do this alone and no-one will back you if you think you can
[tweet_dis_img]About 54% of seed funded companies get further funding and generally most keep growing.[/tweet_dis_img]

Final Words On The Perils Of Seed Funding For Startups

It’s a tough job getting seed funding for a startup and it can be a daunting experience for many startup founders. In either case, we hope that this interview has given you some confidence and tips about how you can succeed with gaining funding in your startup.

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seed funding for startups