Interview with the CEO of PolicyMogul, Elliot Robinson

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Meet Elliot Robinson, the Founder and CEO of PolicyMogul. PolicyMogul is a technology startup preparing to launch within the next few weeks. The company hopes to transform parliamentary democracy through the use of software and technology. What does your company do? Elliot: PolicyMogul is creating software to help public affairs professionals to have greater impact through collaboration. We also help …

What It's Like To Have A Startup in Estonia

What It’s Like To Have A Startup In Estonia

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What It’s Like To Have A Startup In Estonia Estonia, a small European country of small 1.2 million people is being dubbed as one the first of its kind: a tech revolutionary. The nation has managed to embrace technology since its exit from the Soviet Union and is home to the creators of Skype, Transferwise and Lingvist. So how have …

What it's like to have a startup in New York

What It’s Like To Have A Startup In New York

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What It’s Like To Have A Startup In New York Thinking of living American Dream? Since the 1920’s New York has been synonymous with the successes of capitalism. Fitzgerald painted the Big Apple as the place in which your entrepreneurial dream can become a reality. Flash forward to the early 2000’s and people are talking about San Francisco and Silicon …

Web Summit 2017: The 15 Best Quotes

Web Summit 2017: The 15 Best Quotes

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Web Summit 2017: The 15 Best Quotes After 59,000 people, 170 nationalities and 5 full rooms of investors, startups and attendees Web Summit has come to an end. The Linkilaw team will certainly be missing Portugal’s sun in rainy London. But it’s not over just yet, here we are to share with you some of our favourite quotes from the …

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Fintech Startups And The Future Of Banking

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This week for Linkibuzz 38, we’re starting off with a story that should remind all workers and employers about the importance of highlighting social media policies to staff. You’ll see what we mean once you start reading the post below. We’ve got an interesting story about the future of banking and how financial tech Startups are coercing many banks’ customers …


How Startups Can Circumvent Local Talent Shortages

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First up, we’ve got a post that creatively addresses how startups can globally address their skills shortages. We guarantee you that there’s at least one thing in here that you hadn’t thought of. Then we’ve got an announcement from some global giants in the United States that have partnered up with one of the world’s premier training providers. This is …