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Is Your Home Based Business Legal?

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There are many different tasks you can perform from a desk in your home. However, when it comes to making a profit from them – you’re drawing a line in the sand between just staying occupied and actually operating a real home based business of your own. One handy benefit of a home based business is that you can remain in …

Sole Trader Definition

Sole Traders: Are You Really On Your Own?

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Sole Trader Definition These days, freelancing is all the rage, and the rewards are many. For the most part, you can set your own schedule, take on clients of your own choosing, and follow the beat of a different drummer – so to speak. That said, being literally employed by yourself is a lonely space to be at times. And, …

Why Small Businesses Fail

Why Small Businesses Fail

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For the most part all small businesses usually start out on the right foot – with plenty of enthusiasm and great intentions. Taking those dreams to fruition, from hastily scribbled notes on your bedside table to a legitimate and lawful business, involves many steps and genuine attention to detail. First, let’s touch on a few aspects which can affect the …

Business Legal Advice

How Legally Healthy is Your Business?

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Business Legal Advice : You’re a busy bee. With a lot on your plate. And a lot of balls to juggle. We’re out of metaphors, but you get the idea. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of things to consider when starting a new business venture. But, wondering if your business is legally sound? That shouldn’t be one of …