Startup Fundraising: Raising Your Seed Round

Startup Fundraising: Raising Your Seed Round

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Startup Fundraising: Raising Your Seed Round So your company is set up, the plans are made and targets agreed on. All you need now is for the investment to take off so you can rent your office space, purchase equipment, and hire future staff. One of the major hurdles that start-up business owners first face involves financing their start-up and …

Linkibuzz 36

Linkibuzz Edition 3

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We’ve got another batch of stories from across Europe and the rest of the world for this week’s Linkibuzz.   We know that there are gender and socio-economic inequalities in society and our first story highlights this, showing there is still work to be done before this gap is bridged completely.   It’s well-known that one of the biggest problems …

Linkibuzz 37

Linkibuzz 37

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There was a lot of startup news for this week and we’ve found some of the most interesting and relevant stories from around the world to whet your appetite for Linkibuzz 37. We focused our first story on the ramifications of a potential British exit from the EU and how one London startup has already been affected. Then we had …

How To Find Funding For Your Startup

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Starting a company and making it successful depends on a number of different factors. From the quality of the idea, through the execution of the project and finding the right people, there are numerous matters you need to consider at the different stages. However, one factor is going to be constantly on your mind and its presence is absolutely crucial …

Is Your Kickstarter Campaign Legally Sound?

Is Your Kickstarter Campaign Legally Sound

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Crowdfunding has become one of the most popular funding and backing sources in recent years. The biggest crowdfunding platform of all is Kickstarter.   Kickstarter has been used to fund all sorts of projects such as new books, video games, videos, and yep, business ideas and products. Over 1.6 billion dollars have been invested into Kickstarter projects since 2009. It …