What A Shareholders Agreement Is And Why Your Startup Needs One

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What is a Shareholder Agreement? A shareholders agreement should essentially be the cornerstone of any business venture between founders and partners. It is a legally binding document that sets out the structure of the company. A shareholders agreement can be among many people, not only the co-founders but anyone who has a potential interest in the company. The agreement should …

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Does Your Business Have A Shareholders Agreement?

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  Here’s The Transcript Of The Video, “Does Your Business Have A Shareholders Agreement?” Hello. Andrew Weaver, LawyerFair bite size videos. Here’s the scenario: you are a startup or an early stage business. You’ve created a great service concept, app, product. With a bunch of mates you’re flying off the seat of your pants, and therefore, rising to the top …

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5 Top Tips If Starting A Business With Friends And Why A Shareholders Agreement Is Important

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“All Lasting Business Is Built On Friendship” – Why A Shareholders Agreement Is Important When Starting A Business With Friends. A very familiar founders path is to start a business with friends.  Hell, why not?  You want to work with people you know well, can trust and (hopefully) will enjoy the journey with. And your friendship establishes a positive culture …

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It’s Rude Not To Share: How A Shareholders Agreement Will Work For You

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It’s Rude Not To Share: How A Shareholders Agreement Will Work For You Starting a business is hard. Even harder when you go it alone. In fact, businesses that had more than one founder outperformed solo founders by 163%. Why is this? A Balance Of Skill It is impossible to be great at everything. When you start a business, you …

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Shareholders Agreement 101: How One Agreement Can Shape Your Business From Day 1 To Exit

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‘The Only Mistake I Regret,’ Words Uttered From Every Startup Founder That Didn’t Have A Shareholders Agreement A Shareholders Agreement is your number one partner in the creation, management, and termination of your company. We don’t doubt the potential and strength of your company, but – trust us when we say this – things regularly turn nasty. Be prepared! If …