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Welcome back for Linkibuzz #50.   We’ve got some great stories covering numerous topics from around the globe this week.   Our first featured story explores a real estate start-up that is making two very bold promises that few other companies are even willing to match. It is something that could see them dominate that industry, so check that story …

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Linkibuzz Edition 7

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We’ve got some great stories from around the globe for this week’s Linkibuzz. We start off this week’s posts by exploring some of the myths and lies surrounding self-employment. The writer of this post, Liz Ryan, presents an interesting case why everyone can go down the self-employment path, so make sure you read that post. Our next post looks at …

Fake Customer Reviews

Amazon Targets Freelancers Peddling Fake Customer Reviews

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Welcome back for this week’s roundup of news that matters! Our post today takes a closer look at the UK’s self-employed (Sole Traders) – some things to be aware of (or watch out for) and resources from which you can benefit. Amazon Targets Web Freelancers Peddling Fake Customer Reviews What seemed like such a great idea on concept has become …

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Is Your Home Based Business Legal?

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There are many different tasks you can perform from a desk in your home. However, when it comes to making a profit from them – you’re drawing a line in the sand between just staying occupied and actually operating a real home based business of your own. One handy benefit of a home based business is that you can remain in …

Selling Your Business

Selling Your Business? What You Need To Know

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You have logged in countless hours – and poured your blood, sweat and maybe even buckets of tears into a venture you thought would be a hit. All the relentless networking, meet-ups and connections have proven to be dead-ends for your all-in try as a Sole Trader. You’ve put up the good fight, but selling your business is now vital …

Sole Trader Definition

Sole Traders: Are You Really On Your Own?

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Sole Trader Definition These days, freelancing is all the rage, and the rewards are many. For the most part, you can set your own schedule, take on clients of your own choosing, and follow the beat of a different drummer – so to speak. That said, being literally employed by yourself is a lonely space to be at times. And, …