facts about international trade

Little Known Facts About International Trade – And Why They Matter

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International trade is the exchange of goods or services between countries and along international borders. And whether we are aware of it or not, it affects the daily life of all of us. If it weren’t for international trade, you’d never be able to get your hands on, say, a mango, or a cup of coffee, or a silk blouse. …

running an international business

Legal Issues To Be Aware Of When Running An International Business

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Running an international business in multiple jurisdictions is an exciting endeavour, however, there are a number of legal issues you should be aware of. Running an international business in foreign countries means that you have to comply with all relevant domestic laws if your business is about to prosper. The best advice in such situations is to consult trustworthy local …

Most Common International Commercial Law Issues

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In today’s globalised economy, cross-border trade is in its peak levels. An overwhelming amount of goods is constantly travelling throughout the world in this very minute. While this practice creates billions of pounds of revenue every day, it also provides a lot of work for lawyers. International commercial law involves numerous transactions, which lead to conflicts and disputes. The main …

merging businesses

Why You Need A Lawyer When Merging Businesses

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A merger (also known as consolidation) is a process by which two companies join and create an altogether new company. Much like a marriage, a merging businesses is a sizeable undertaking in which both parties have to put a lot at stake. There is a lot you need to know and keep an eye on if you’re looking to sell …