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Technology is as natural (some say important) in our everyday lives as the wind, rain and sunshine.  It’s also bringing an acceleration of change into every sectors, revolutionising industries and restructuring the way that whole markets operate. Until recently, law was resolutely resisting change.  A conservative space with incumbents happy to retain the status quo, there was no internal drivers …


The Linkibuzz 34

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Linkibuzz 34 is here for you this week with a diverse range of news. First up, we’ve got a post that creatively addresses how startups can globally address their skills shortages. We guarantee you that there’s at least one thing in here that you hadn’t thought of. Then we’ve got an announcement from some global giants in the United States …

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The Linkibuzz 31

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It’s that time of week again, where we dish out the goss on some of the best stories that have been doing the rounds online this week. We’ve got a few stories covering a range of topics that may interest you, including how professional growth and culture can grow your business and plenty more. What The Smartest Startups Are Getting …