How To Find Funding For Your Startup

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Starting a company and making it successful depends on a number of different factors. From the quality of the idea, through the execution of the project and finding the right people, there are numerous matters you need to consider at the different stages. However, one factor is going to be constantly on your mind and its presence is absolutely crucial …

Linkibuzz 32

The Linkibuzz 32

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We have a nice mix of stories from this week’s instalment of Linkibuzz 32. The big news to start with is the huge event coming to Europe this year with Startup Fest Europe. We have an interesting story about Kickstarter and some important things you need to know before any crowdfunding campaign. Digital learning is coming to the Middle East …

seeders vs crowdfunders

Seeders vs Crowdfunders: What’s The Difference?

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Seeders, crowdfunders, bootstrappers, angel investors – are these the new nicknames for hip social cliques or are they investment terms? Funny enough, they’re actually both. Only, you won’t spot seeders loitering around coffee shops in similar attire and black-rimmed glasses – or then again, maybe you will! The point is – it’s all confusing, right? Comparing the latest investment trends …