How To Protect Your Intellectual Property and Why It Is Important To Do So

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Bill Gates’ statement is true of intellectual property. Intellectual property has a short shelf life for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is because they only last for a limited number of years and another is because intellectual property always changes. Thus, once you have patented or trademarked something that entity in itself can change quickly and will …

Protecting Intellectual Property and Why You Need To

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A lot of founders when they first start a business do not see protecting their intellectual property as a priority. However, if your business is substantially based on your trade secrets it may be necessary for you to do so. If it gets stolen and it is not protected it would be extremely difficult to get any kind of remedy …

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Media Law: Why Duran Duran Lost Their Copyright Suit

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Duran Duran once sang that they won’t cry for yesterday, but a contract signed in their past has cost them copyrights on their own material in the present, and seemingly forever. Recently the famous band lost a High Court ruling in which it sought to reclaim the US rights to some of its most famous songs. The band was basing …