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Welcome to the latest Linkibuzz! Let’s begin this week’s roundup on a very positive note with our first story! Despite the market turbulence hitting hard on the UK this year, the majority of small businesses stood strong in face of economic uncertainty. Nonetheless, caution is always advised, as recent reports show that the increase in businesses rates may drive some …

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Here we meet again with another bundle of fresh business and entrepreneurship news before you! Today, we will look into three major success stories: one regarding a multi-billion app coveted by younger millennials, the second about a particularly resourceful UK town, and the third dealing with a sensational success story from an ex-city worker. Lastly, we look into the most …

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Linkibuzz Edition 26

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And welcome to this week’s Linkibuzz! The entire world is still buzzing about Donald Trump getting elected as the 45th President of the United States, but we are not going to add our straw on the camel’s back. Instead, we are about to look the other way from the storm – at least for the time being. In case you …

What The Housing And Planning Act Means For Landlords

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The Housing and Planning Act, passed in May of 2016, changed many things in the housing market. This post focuses on the changes that were made that will impact landlords, and what landlords can expect moving forward. Note, the Housing and Planning Act only applies within England. When laws change, it can be hard to keep up with the new …

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Here’s another fresh set of business, entrepreneurship, and political stories we have in store for you this week! We start with a rather gloomy news story brought out by The Mail on Sunday on how bank branch closures are impacting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) throughout UK. Not all is so bad, however, as the UK commercial property market is …

What Does Copyright Law Say About 3D Printing?

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The 3D printing revolution seems to have brought about substantial changes to the way people are now manufacturing things. With 3D printers becoming more affordable and more widely available, it seemed for a while that the innovations were merely taking off. However, a recent government decision put a hamper on this surging and utterly exciting technological advancement. The latest legal …

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We hope our newest Linkibuzz finds you well! Welcome to this week’s one-stop-shop for the most relevant news articles on entrepreneurship and small businesses in the UK and around the globe. Here are the stories that we have prepared for you today. For starters, Ireland is muddying the waters for foreign companies seeking a tax haven in their country. On …

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Linkibuzz Edition 22

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Welcome to another Linkibuzz!   This week, we’ve scoured the Internet for a fresh new batch of the most relevant and interesting stories concerning of legal, entrepreneurship, and small businesses across the UK and world. Our first story reveals the scandal involving Tesco, currently facing legal action caused by the famous supermarket chain’s accounting irregularities which led to an alleged …