The Negotiation Step Your Acquisition Is Missing

The Negotiation Step Your Acquisition Is Missing

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Whether you’ve successfully scaled your business and have buyers knocking on your door or you’re looking to acquire a business yourself, you’re likely overlooking a key step in the negotiation process: Heads of Terms. What are Heads of Terms? Also known as Letters of Intent or Memoranda of Understanding, Heads of Terms set out the main points of a deal …

Why Small Businesses Prefer To Be Acquired

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    Research done by the Silicon Valley Bank shows that most UK startups are aiming to be acquired.  An acquisition is the most popular exit strategy for startups and has a lot of benefits for both the buyers and the sellers of the company. An acquisition can help expand the market and the resources of the selling company. On …

Reasons Why You Might Want To Sell Your Company

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Selling your company is not something that should be taken lightly. Before you sell your business you should think deeply about why you want to sell your company and how it will impact your life if you decide to do so. Whether you’re an innovative emerging tech company with Silicon Valley aspirations or a family run bakery, the process of …