The 12 Biggest Legal Mistakes That Startups Make

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  They neglect the basics    It is important that any startup has the necessary legal documents in place from as early on in the company as possible. This means having shareholders agreements, co-founders agreements and other necessary agreements needed in order to launch the company. Being legally secure will prevent further implications in the future. It is easy for …

Terms And Conditions: FAQ

Terms And Conditions: FAQ With Linkilaw

Linkilaw Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions: FAQ With Linkilaw You run a serious risk when operating your website or app without professional terms and conditions. Without them, you might be legally liable for any technical issues associated with your website. So, are you ready for us to answer your most common T&C questions? What Are Terms And Conditions? Terms and conditions are also …

what terms and conditions should i include on my website?

What Terms And Conditions Should I Include On My Website?

Linkilaw Terms and Conditions

  We all know that website terms and conditions (T&Cs) are important, but truthfully how many of us actually take the time to read them and go through the detail with a fine toothcomb? Linkilaw have written some key tips to guide you through this process. According to a Money Advice Service Survey, around 84% of us do not read the …

Terms And Conditions: FAQ

Terms And Conditions: FAQ

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Terms And Conditions: FAQ Terms and Conditions are a crucial aspect of any business contract or relationship. Terms and Conditions regulate the relationship between businesses and consumers, suppliers, businesses and other businesses, etc. They are often called Terms of Service or Terms of Agreement and can be found in fine print at the bottom of a contract or a website. …

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Spinning The Web: A Guide To Your Terms And Conditions

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Website terms and conditions are essential for many business owners. You may think you can publish a website without getting your legal ducks in a row – you could not be more wrong. Too many business owners are running their online businesses naively by not regulating their relationship with their users. You need to protect your website and your business …

How A Privacy Policy Can Protect You & Your Users

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Now more than ever, businesses are enthusiastically embracing the Internet as a medium to connect with regular users and engage with potential clients. Business websites will often publicly advertise services and qualities for marketing purposes, while withholding certain information can maintain a competitive edge. A privacy policy is not only important, it is necessary. Failure to create a privacy policy …