The Different Business Agreements And Breaches That You Should Be Aware Of As A Business

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  When entering the business world it is important that you are aware of the different business agreements that are needed in order to run your company. You don’t have to be a legal expert, however, you do need to have a basic understanding of how the law works in relation to your business. A lot of jurisdictions around the …

privacy laws

What Does EuroCourt Ruling Mean For Snoopers’ Charter, Privacy Laws?

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It’s been 67 years since George Orwell painted a dystopian version of England in his novel “1984” about a UK Government entity known as Big Brother who was always looking over your shoulder, peering into what you were doing, watching, and thinking. Many feared this was coming to the life in the UK in the form of the Investigatory Powers …

merging businesses

Why You Need A Lawyer When Merging Businesses

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A merger (also known as consolidation) is a process by which two companies join and create an altogether new company. Much like a marriage, a merging businesses is a sizeable undertaking in which both parties have to put a lot at stake. There is a lot you need to know and keep an eye on if you’re looking to sell …

Startup? How To Legally Work With Freelancers

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When launching your startup, you’ll quickly learn some of the most valuable assets to your business comes in the form of freelancers. Ranging from design, copywriting, marketing, data entry, admin, web development, you name it – freelancers are an increasingly growing group of professionals. It’s hardly any wonder that more and more entrepreneurs and companies are relying on services provided …

How To Find Funding For Your Startup

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Starting a company and making it successful depends on a number of different factors. From the quality of the idea, through the execution of the project and finding the right people, there are numerous matters you need to consider at the different stages. However, one factor is going to be constantly on your mind and its presence is absolutely crucial …

attend events

Why Is It Important For Startups To Attend Events?

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One of the most useful practices any startup owner or entrepreneur can adopt is to attend as many relevant networking events as possible. The value you can get from such events is enormous. Communicating with like minded, motivated and active people can take your game to another level. Most networking is free and you might get some free drinks on …

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Should Kids Learn To Code?

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Hello Friday – it’s time for Linkibuzz 28! The word is ‘provocative’ and we’ve found four posts to prod your entrepreneurial mindsets this week. From setting the crosshairs on big bank revenues to learning some incredible ways in which nature has inspired innovations in technology…there’s something for everyone! Our blog is here for one purpose: to bring to light specific …

legal tech startups

Top 10 Legal Tech Startups To Follow

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Legal tech startups are not as common as other types of startups but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an exciting time to be involved with the legal sector – well, professionally of course. That’s because, long gone are the days where a focus in law only grants access to a courtroom or a classroom. The options are now endless, and …

Story About Hewlett Packard

Inspiring Story About Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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As another week comes to an end, there’s more than a few bright ideas to look forward to in the coming months and years. Here are a few posts we’ve come across recently which should give that new startup dream of yours a boost: Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Think Of Us As A Startup In a similar move to Google’s recent …

banks incubators

Startup Incubators Launched By Banks: The Ups and Downs

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Banks Incubators:   I once asked an entrepreneur friend, Heather, what superpower she’d choose if she could pick anything. Her response, “To have 26 hours in a day, so I could get these grants done.” I laughed immediately. Wouldn’t you just ask for the power to do them instantly? “Nah,” she said, “I just need a couple more hours – …