5 Reasons Why Co-founders Fall Out

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A remarkable statistic to throw your way … “65% of high-potential startups fail due to conflict among co-founders” This statement was made by Noam Wessman, Harvard Business School Professor and author of The Founder’s Dilemma who states that co-founders fall out for many reasons, such as money, business strategy, and leadership. A simple solution to this problem is to create …

shareholders agreement

Shareholders Agreement 101: How One Agreement Can Shape Your Business From Day 1 To Exit

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‘The Only Mistake I Regret,’ Words Uttered From Every Startup Founder That Didn’t Have A Shareholders Agreement A Shareholders Agreement is your number one partner in the creation, management, and termination of your company. We don’t doubt the potential and strength of your company, but – trust us when we say this – things regularly turn nasty. Be prepared! If …

drone technology

The Drone Phenomenon: Innovation vs. Regulation

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Earlier this month, Linkilaw had the pleasure of attending the annual Web Summit held in Dublin. Among the numerous topics presented during the course of the event, there was one which particularly fascinated me – drones. Why? Well, aside from being astonishingly cool, the broad scope of applications that these machines offer is revolutionary. To clarify, a drone is an …

startup legal mistakes

11 Lawyers Take On The Worst Startup Legal Mistakes

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Since Linkilaw’s business model is based upon allowing you to choose from multiple solicitor proposals, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to pose one important question to a number of lawyers here in London. The response was brilliant and we are pleased to share the results with our readers! Q: What do you see as the worst startup …

knowledge of the law

Why It Was Time To Revolutionalise The Law

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The root of our core human rights is set out in the law. Our core human rights are necessary to our growth and happiness. They help us walk without fear on the street, and they are the tool we have been given to prevent the State from arbitrarily arresting or detaining us. Why is it then that the general population’s …