Business Dispute: When Should I Hire A Lawyer?

Business Dispute: When Should I Hire A Lawyer?

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When should you hire a lawyer? Hiring a lawyer is not an extravagant expense but a cost saving one.

What you should do before hiring your lawyer:
    • Know your needs
      • Would you prefer to go to court or stay courteous?
    • Trust your lawyer
      • Do they take the time to teach you about the legal context of your business?
  • Do they have other clients in the same industry than yours?
  • If you are a designer startup you may need an intellectual property lawyer or a lawyer familiar with your industry.
  • Know where to look for a lawyer.
To prepare when you draft your contract:

Most startup hire a lawyer only when their hands and feet are tied. You don’t need a lawyer for each step o but you should hire one for each step you are not accustomed to.


  • Each decision might imply legal consequences
  • You might avoid  going to court if your contract is well written. You will know what your duties are and thus will not be in breach of contract – a clear notice timeline in your employee contracts avoid misunderstanding.
How to resolve an issue

It depends which cure you choose for resolve the dispute.

  • Mediation

Hiring a lawyer is not mandatory. The decision is not a binding one. The mediation rules are simple.You don’t need direct lawyer participation. Nonetheless a mediation lawyer might be useful before beginning the process to understand all your options.

  • Arbitration

It is not mandatory but do not forget that arbitration decision will be a binding one.It would be a wise choice if there is more at stake than the lawyer will cost.

  • Litigation

It is the most usual time to hire a lawyer. Once the dispute already occurs and go to court you should hire a lawyer for sure. Its role will be to minimize your cost – attorney fees, court cost.

You should hire a lawyer each time you try to do something you are not familiar to and whose consequences is costly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure!

I hope this helps! If you’re unsure about the legal advice that you or your startup require, we offer a Free Legal Session We’ll talk you through your needs and answer the questions you may have. Book a session here.