Is August really an awful month for business

Is August Really An Awful Month For Business?

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August is here! Summer holidays are at their peak and most people are kicking back and having a good time. But if you’re reading this post.. ahem.. I don’t think you’re on a paradise beach drinking a mojito, but working. From a business perspective, unless you’re in the tourist business or your business sells summer products, August is usually the …


Customer Experience: Why You Should Put Your Employees First

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“Work is theatre, and every business a stage”. With a touch of Shakespearean word play, Joseph Pine and James Gilmore coined the phrase that christened the Experience Economy. In equally theatrical tone, the Harvard Business Review eloquently describes the business mechanisms of the Experience Economy – “a company intentionally uses services as the stage, and goods as props, to engage …

Successful Entrepreneurs

What Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common?

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Are entrepreneurs born or made? The eternal question without answer.  People change, grow and evolve. Entrepreneurship can definitely be taught and improved if this is one’s passion.  However, it is also true that people seem to be born with certain traits that create the perfect storm to be a successful entrepreneur.  At …


Tips For Protecting Your IP

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Recent research, published by Early Metrics, has presented some surprising (and a bit terrifying) insights regarding IP protection: four out of five European tech start-ups have no proper protection in place to stop their competitors taking their market share or stealing their IP. Additionally, this is the biggest red flag which is most likely to make investors walk away. So, …

timely legal advice

Why Timely Legal Advice Is Important

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With the increase of focus on technology as a necessity in our world for leisure, work and travel, among a number of other relevant matters, there is no doubt that a more comfortable and convenient future is just waiting to happen. Countless laws will no doubt come popping up to accompany these advancements, with new processes and red tape than …


Get The Most Out Of Your AI With The Right Legals

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Take a glance at the “About Us” tab on many start-up’s, scale-up’s or SME’s websites and there’s a good chance you’ll see the trending tech trigger phrase of recent years: Artificial Intelligence (AI). The insurgence of AI in business means the legal framework within companies is being stretched as it adapts to the rapidly developing field. This blog will offer …


Fingerprinting Is The New Cookie

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Browser fingerprinting has recently entered the radar of many internet users as more companies have begun using it as a more covert way of tracking. Browser fingerprinting allows a site to learn information from your browser that distinguishes you successfully 99% of the time. Using this technology, trackers are able to identify users and track them across websites. They do …