Employment of EU citizens after Brexit

Employment of EU Citizens after Brexit

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October 31st is almost here and with it, Brexit? The latests reports show that just 26% of businesses are preparing for Brexit, while an additional 27% are not currently preparing but would in the future. This data reflects the uncertainty everyone is facing around Brexit. In this post we want to put the focus on the employment of EU citizens …

The right to be forgotten

The right to be forgotten: Entitlement or threat to Freedom of speech?

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The right to be forgotten is a centerpiece of the EU’s privacy laws, intended to protect individuals from having information spread about them online. The right to be forgotten can be used to force Google and other search engines to delete links including personal information considered old, no longer relevant or not in the public interest. However, on the 24th …

Brexit Impact on Trademarks

Brexit Impact On Trademarks

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October 31st is almost here. Already known as the scariest night of the year, in 2019 the spooky date will be even scarier in UK—Brexit is finally here. Brexit will impact everybody living in the UK, as well as businesses trading with the UK and the European Union. The latests reports show that just 26% of businesses are preparing for …

Importance and profitability of Ethical Business

Importance And Profitability Of Ethical Business

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A lightbulb moment about how to solve an inefficiency you’ve noticed while simultaneously making the world a better place? Win-win. What is an Ethical Business?  An Ethical Business is defined by startups.co.uk as one that considers the impact its actions, products and services have on the environment, people and animals. This includes the end product or service, its origins, and …

What’s the appropriate use of Zero hours Contracts?

What’s The Appropriate Use Of Zero Hours Contracts?

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News brief! You’ve probably seen Uber and Lyft in the news a lot recently. Just incase you haven’t, they’ve been fighting a legal back and forth following a state assembly vote in favour of a three-point system for classifying California workers as either employees or independent contractors. Recent emergence of Gig Economy businesses, where the job market offers “temporary positions …

Thriving in the Business Ecosystem

Thriving In The Business Ecosystem

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In the natural world, an ecosystem consists of a combination of living and non-living elements of a certain environment. Ecosystems typically breakdown the boundaries of composition and include plants, rocks, soils, animals, atmospheres, water masses coming together to allow the ecosystem to thrive. This idea of ‘coming together’ has been a key idea in the business world recently – we …

Why Entrepreneurs Should Not Be Afraid Of Pivoting

Why Entrepreneurs Should Not Be Afraid Of Pivoting

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Entrepreneurs are very often stubborn. When starting a business, they’re confident about their idea to succeed. However, during the business journey challenges arise and if the idea of pivoting enters the picture, most entrepreneurs take a reactive approach. As entrepreneurs ourselves, at Linkilaw we know first hand that changing the initial idea of a business is complex. But it can …


How The IR35 Changes Might Affect Your Employment Contracts

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The IR35, also known as “off-payroll working rules”, is a piece of legislation which was introduced to stop the avoidance of tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) when a worker provides their services through an intermediary. In the past, this legislation was limited to contractors working for public authorities. However, the scope of it has changed and has been expanded …