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Your Mobile App And Your Business

  • You’re Building a Revolutionary App
  • You Know Your Users Are The Most Important Part Of Your Business
  • But They Need To Know Their Rights And Their Obligations
  • And You Need To Protect Your Business

There’s No Game-Playing When It Comes To
Protecting Your Legal Interests With Us!

Adults in the UK use mobile apps on their phones and tablets.

At least 1,000 apps were created per day last year.

And if you’ve got one, be sure that it helps your business instead of hurting it!

You’re the brain, and we’re the brawn.

Together, we’ll work on giving your customers the user experience they deserve.

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We’ve got what every startup needs when they’re creating a mobile app…

Including The Small Price Tag.

In the wake of Brexit, it’s more important than ever to get your legal
documents up to scratch if you want to do business in the EU.

Get The Legal Documents That Will See Your App And Startup From Seed TO Series TO Success.

  • Fast Service
  • Quality Legal Documents
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Advice Tailored To Your Needs

Building a business can really take a lot out of you.

During the last eight years, tens of billions of pounds have been earned due to download sales and in-app payments.

Apple has more than 1.25 million apps in their store accounting for 50 billion downloads, and £4 billion paid just to the developers.

If you want a piece of the action, you’ll need an app to support your startup.

Make sure that you are generating revenue without risk.

We want to help you keep your app legally compliant, while strengthening your relationship with your customers.

We understand the fast-paced reality of running a startup and creating an app.

That’s why we developed the App Pack.

At a price you won’t find elsewhere, you’ll get the legal documents your App needs before you know it!

Let Linkilaw Take The Legal Lead.

You might have:

Just come up with an idea for an App, and need to reach out to an App developer.

Already developed your Mobile App.

Be in the process of refining your App’s functionality.

No matter what stage of development your App is in, you will need all the legal documents required by Data Privacy Laws: a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for your App.

You need your customers to understand their rights and relationship when they use your App.

Getting Terms and Conditions drafted will do just that!

Your App’s Terms and Conditions aren’t a joke to us.
Make sure they’re drafted by a serious professional.

If you believe that your mobile app is a small fish in a sea full of sharks, then just look what happened to Tinder.

Tinder did not explicitly say how the customer data would be used.

Its Privacy and Cookie Policies weren’t up to date with the new European Commission Data Privacy Law, and as of 2017, the company could still face a fine of €20 million or 4% of its global turnover.

All of this because the data privacy documents didn’t explicitly state how customer data would be used.

An App Developer’s Agreement is especially essential for protecting your
intellectual property (IP) when you’re not a developer yourself.

Without an App Developer Agreement in place, you could allow an outsourced developer
to run off with your idea and make millions in the process.

Protect Your Creations!

Protect Your Profit!

All you need is an App Developer Agreement.

The Linkilaw App Developer Agreement gives you an assignment of copyright which transfers ownership of everything to you.  If you don’t have our agreement, then they won’t be stealing your code; you’d be stealing theirs.  Once you own the copyrights, then there are a about a dozen things that you can do to keep a programmer from reselling the code.

BUT… you may be wondering:

Where will I find the time to get these contracts done?
How much will this cost me? Lawyers cost a fortune.
Who can I trust that really understands my startup?

We’ve made everything easy for you!


Privacy Policy (£200+VAT if purchased separately)

A Privacy Policy is a compulsory document. It lets your customers know:

  • How the information about their data is collected
  • How it is used
  • How it is not used
  • Who it is distributed to

App Terms and Conditions (£300+VAT if purchased separately)

Terms and Conditions will safeguard your ideas and keep your intellectual property YOURS. They explain to your customers:

  • How your App is intended to be used
  • Your rights to the content of your App
  • Your right to change the content of your App
  • The prohibitions on the use of your App
  • Intellectual property notices

App Developers Agreement (£400+VAT if purchased separately)

Though not required by law, this agreement will protect your intellectual property, prevent an app developer from stealing your idea or sharing it, and also limit your liability if the developer is later sued for patent infringement.

  • Application scope of work and deliverables
  • Ongoing communication and reporting
  • Requirements
  • Intellectual property (IP) rights
  • Dispute resolution

Legal Work, Levelled Up.
The quality documents you need, when you want it, and for less.

“How can I possibly know which
legal documents I need?”

Don’t worry. Every step of the way, we’ve got you covered!

We’ll carry out our Startup Legal Session with you.
Interested? You Should Be.

It’s FREE!

The Startup Legal Session is a one-on-one consultation with a legal specialist.

Wondering how the law impacts your startup?

Educate yourself and get the information you’ll need at each stage in your development with our FREE Startup Legal Session!

We ask the questions you’ll need answers to, and help you build the legal framework you need.

With startups just like yours in mind, we’ve levelled the playing field for future game-changers.


  • 1 Order the documents you need for your App.
  • 2 Fill in a form and let us know about your App (and website) and if there’s anything particular you’d like included in your documentation.
  • 3 Leave it with us. Within three business days, you’ll get your personalised contracts drafted by a specialist business lawyer.
  • 4 You have a further 14 days to review the contracts and get any last-minute amendments.
  • 5 Once completed, just sign the contracts or post them on your website; you are all set!

Congratulations. You’re all ready!

You finally have all the documents your App is going to need from development to its delivery.


If you don’t believe us, listen to what one of our customers said.

“I didn’t go to law school, but I’d like to think after the Startup Legal Session and the consultations that I understand my business’ legal needs quite well! It’s only been six months since we launched, but already I know that I’m so happy I got these documents from these people!”

– Mauria, CEO, I am LDN


Why Can’t I Download A Legal Document I Found Online?

What’s ‘free’ now could cost you your entire business later down the line!

Unique and robust contracts created by legal professionals who take the time to find out about your business’s needs will protect you in ways you couldn’t imagine with a substandard online template!

Why Are These Documents Are Way Less Expensive Than Ones Many Law Firms Provide?

Not that long ago we too were starting up, and as a company that wants to support the growth of your endeavours, we understand that high legal costs for bootstrapping startups does nothing for our success – or yours. Our big idea is to disrupt the legal industry so you can grow your business.

That’s why our lawyers have done away with extortionate fees.

Many of them have experienced the life that comes from working for the big, bad city firms and decided that they wanted a lifestyle change. We are a team – and just as we want the best for our clients, we’ve given our Linkilawyers the freedom that enables them to focus on what matters to them. This means happier and more enthusiastic lawyers who are passionate on lowering their costs while maintaining their high standards.

How Are The Documents Customised? Are There Any Time Restrictions On Amendments I Can Make?

Customisation is included in the price! Gone are the days where you’re left wondering how much the legal work will cost. Our prices are fixed.

We make it our mission to understand your business in order to draft the right documents for it and the work you need is completed within three working days.
In cases where the work requires more brainpower than usual (and ends up being more complex than anticipated) we will discuss with you during your initial conversation.

Amendments can be made within the two-week period following delivery of the documents.


How Do Linkilaw Prices Compare To Those Of Traditional Lawyers?

We wanted to find out for you.

We needed to ensure our prices were a lot cheaper. So our friendly team rang up lawyers and law firms in the UK. When we finally got through to them, they told us:


The prices ranged from £100 – £1,300 an hour.
That’s an expensive cup of coffee if you go to their offices for a meeting.

After searching far and wide for answers, we were able to find the average U.K fixed price options.

We were shocked by the result.

We swore to protect our customers from the lack of transparency and spiralling legal costs that comes from hourly rates.


We can’t always guarantee that we will keep our prices at this level. But we’re working hard to continue to streamline our service, to keep prices low without compromising quality. We know you want a great service, competitive pricing and a fast turnaround.

So if you like what you see on the page here today – book it now – as these prices will likely change over time.


A 5-Star Customer Service

High Quality Legal Contracts

Quick Service

Although we’ve made our prices as low as possible, we understand that you want to be careful with your money. If you’re not happy. We’re not happy.

This is why we offer you our unique


(Now when you have ever seen another legal firm offer you that?)

If you have any complaints, just send us an email explaining why you’re unhappy within a seven-day period, and one of our friendly team members will call you to find out more and get a full refund transferred to you.


Q: What number should I call to order a pack?

A: 0203 151 0011 , Or you can email us at

Q: What are Linkilaws’ operating hours?

A: Formally 9:30am – 6:00pm. Monday – Friday. Informally we’re responding to emails outside of these hours.

Q: How much are these legal documents usually?

A: Anywhere between £1,000 and £8,000.

Q: So why don’t you charge that amount?

A: Anywhere between £1,000 and £8,000.

Q: So why don’t you charge that amount?

A: We’re changing the legal game for the future game-changers! We’re looking to disrupt the legal industry from the inside out so we’ve taken out all the inefficiencies from the traditional legal process – giving you the quality product without the high price.

Q: I don’t think I need all the documents in the pack. Can I just buy the documents individually?

A: Of course! We will let you know what you need and what you don’t with our Startup Legal Session (IT’S FREE!) before you even think about purchasing a pack! That way you know what you need now, what you could need in the future and what you could do without!

Q: What about customisation?

A: Customisation is included! (Don’t say we don’t treat you!) On the off chance, however, your company requires contracts with more than the normal amount of customisation, you may have to pay an extra fee. But that won’t be a surprise to you, and you can always request for your money back instead.

Q: What makes Linkilaw different?

A: We understand your needs more than anyone else, because not that long ago we shared them. That’s why, on top of giving you quality and cost-effective contracts, we also provide startups with a comprehensive Startup Legal Session (IT’S FREE)!

Q: How Bespoke are the Contracts?

A: Our contracts are tailored to your business because we develop them collaboratively with you. There are no generic terms, and if we’ve missed something you get two free edits.Don’t say we don’t treat you well!

Q: Which lawyers do you use to draft these documents?

A: We have highly skilled, UK-based lawyers with years of experience in technology law,  all of whom were hand picked to work with you. Our lawyers have to be: extraordinary, well-rounded, pragmatic, commercially aware, emotionally intelligent, prompt in their response and conscious of today’s pressures. You are in control every step of the way.

Q: What jurisdiction do you operate in?

A: Internally, we supply legal services to the UK. Our App documents however currently cover EU data protection laws as well.