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For Management

Choosing the right business structure from the outset and complying with all the associated legal requirements of doing so is hugely important for your potential growth. For more information on choosing the most suitable structure for your business, you can read our post here.
If you have started a private limited company and you are bringing on a co-founder, you will probably be giving shares in the company as part of the co-founder relationship and will therefore need a shareholder’s agreement, particularly before you obtain any external investment. A shareholder’s agreement differs from a partnership agreement mainly because the consideration is actual company shares or stock options and therefore the relationship is structured differently, although the principles behind the agreement such as decision making remain the same.
Directors are responsible for running a business and this is why their authority needs to be clearly defined to avoid any complications. Think of a Directors’ Service Agreement as an employment agreement which deals with the Directors’ core duties towards the company.
A Co-founder agreement will help you maximise your relationship to enhance your business’ performance. We help you put in place healthy foundations for open and honest communication between co-founders, which mitigates the risk of disputes and business failure in the long term.
The Articles are a set of written ‘rules’ about how the company will be run; agreed by the shareholders, directors and (if you have nominated one), the company secretary. You can adopt Standard Model Articles for private companies which can be obtained from Companies House and are also made public for download.
When an important decision is passed in a company, it must be decided in a board meeting by board resolution.
Board minutes are board meeting notes and usually accompany a resolution (requirement under Company Law).
Enterprise Management Incentive Schemes help motivate your workforce by allowing your team an option to purchase shares in your business at significant discount. Set up an employee option pool through EMI schemes.
Running a business is tough. Communicating effectively on an on-going basis is really tough. Our mediation service does not only help to resolve disputes, but also to prevent them. Do you have a tough conversation and not sure how to get through it? Our mediators can help you steer it in the right direction.

For Fundraising

A letter of intent is a non-binding document that is the first written stage of an investor’s intention to invest in your business. Letters of intent are usually used from Series A investment rounds, as smaller rounds do not require as much paperwork/stages of documentation.
The term sheet sets out the terms on which your investor is going to give you funding, be that by taking equity in your company, a convertible note, or another arrangement. It will also set out any conditions you will have to meet in order to successfully gain funding. It will also include decisions about dilution of shares and decision making rights.
This agreement governs the allocation of shares for any investors or employees receiving shares in your business.
This will set out the agreed terms in the term sheet in more detail. Future investors may want to see this agreement to know how much control other investors have in your company.
This scheme is designed to encourage private investors to invest in small businesses by providing tax incentives to the investor in doing so. The maximum amount that can be invested is £100,000 in a tax year, and £150,000 in total under the scheme. Investors can receive up to 50% tax relief in the tax year the investment is made.
The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is designed to support higher risk companies in attracting investment by offering tax incentives to potential investors who purchase shares. Compared to the SEIS scheme, the EIS is aimed at larger companies with greater returns on investment. The tax relief available to investors on this scheme is 30% of the purchased shares up to a maximum of £1 million invested in such shares that can be claimed by the investor.
A document new shareholders joining an existing company must sign.
Linkilaw can help in filing any Companies House forms relevant to your transaction.

For Your Website & App

These differ slightly from standard terms and conditions in that there are some legal requirements you must comply with when marketing or selling goods online. These include providing information about who you are and your contact information, company registration number, your prices, and your policy on refunds if you are selling goods online must comply with the distance selling regulations.
A Privacy Policy is a legal document that is needed specifically if you are collecting any personal information from your customers. Personal information is any information that could be used to identify an individual (such as name, email, phone number, address, credit card number, etc.) Every website should specify the information it collects in order to comply with the GDPR.
A cookie is a small text file that is stored onto the user’s computer which gathers information. A cookie policy will inform users about the use of cookies. It will explain which types of cookies are used, the kind of information they gather, their purpose, and finally the procedure of deleting the cookies.
Terms of business form the legal basis on which you are willing to do business with your potential customers. Written terms and conditions regardless of the fact whether you have a website create certainty as to the agreement between the parties and form the basis of a contract between you and your customer or client in the absence of a bespoke contract. They also help minimize cause for legal disputes by providing clarity on your company’s position on the following:

  • Definitions of all the goods and/or scope of services that your business is providing
  • Specification of the payment methods and terms (in other words, how exactly the customers are going to be charged, what for, how often, etc.)
  • All the legal aspects such as guarantees, warranties, jurisdiction, intellectual property, third party rights.
  • Timing of the whole agreement and what notice is required to terminate it.
Are you linking your website to another in order to benefit from extra sales and/or a commission share split? A Website Commission Linking Agreement is the contract you should put in place.
In order to achieve GDPR compliance, many websites will be required to put in place compliance notices. Linkilaw can help draft those.
Linkilaw has helped hundreds of businesses achieve GDPR compliance. Our GDPR Advise and Tools Packs will take you through all the areas of your business that require GDPR-compliance and help you achieve this.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

This agreement protects any confidential information of your business, including IP and other company information which you may not want to be shared, copied or made public. An NDA is highly recommended before sharing any sensitive or confidential information with external parties, from prospective co-founders to suppliers and investors, and particularly if you intend to have any collaboration with another company.
Protect your name, brand, logo and/or tagline by trademarking.
Protect a new invention through a patent. Contact us to speak with a patent attorney now.
The assignment of intellectual property (IP) basically transfers rights and ownership of relevant IP from one person to another. This is particularly important to avoid any legal consequences when an individual (such as an employee or founder) created intellectual property before becoming a part of the company. An IP assignment agreement transfers any rights in or to the IP created by the individual to the company, and can be applied to any IP including trademarks, patents, logos, designs, or any other IP.
Under Intellectual Property law, you can register your design to ensure no one else uses them.

Building Relationships

A Partnership agreement relates to two or more individuals intending to form a partnership (rather than a company limited by shares or guarantee). Sometimes known as a Partnership Contract, Articles of Partnership, or a Founders Agreement, the purpose of a partnership agreement is to have on record details of how the partners intend to run the business and share profits, assets and costs, and to set out the responsibilities and contributions of each partner. Regardless of the degree of trust between the co-founders, an agreement should be put in place from the outset.
Are you partnering with another company or individual on a Venture? These deals often prove complicated and the document you will require to govern the relationship is a Joint-Venture Agreement.
This document is required if you are working with an external manufacturer who will create the goods you are looking to produce for you.
Will an external party be distributing your goods on your behalf (or vice versa)? A distribution agreement is what you will need.
Are you entering a new business relationship and are looking to set out the role of each party without too much formality? Get a Memorandum of Understanding.
Are you forming an Agent-Principal relationship? Then it is essential for you to get an Agency Agreement in place.
Is someone referring you work, or vice versa? To avoid miscommunication, we strongly recommend getting a Referral Agreement drafted in those cases.
If you are licensing technology or any other form of intellectual property, get a Licensing Agreement drafted.
This is an agreement between a software provider and a user. This is a very important document for SaaS startups in particular.
Service Level agreements are a certain type of Terms and Conditions/Terms of Business. They are most used by technology companies when a service provider renders a service to a client.


An employment agreement will specify the employee’s role but most importantly, it will limit the employer’s liability.

It is necessary to put one in place as in the absence of a written agreement, default legal provisions will apply which tend to favor employees.

If you are hiring a consultant or contractor, we strongly recommend putting in place a consultancy agreement to formalise the relationship.
This technical legal document will set the scope of the project, the payment for the work and will address any confidentiality concerns. One cannot stress enough the importance of having in place a software development agreement as in its absence you may risk getting an unusable or faulty software. Even worse, the developer could run away with valuable information about your business.

Have in mind that you will need to create a new contract for every new software as they may vary considerably due to their nature.

An agreement used when a freelancer renders services to clients. This is often a good way to mitigate the risks of non-payment of invoices.
If you’re hiring interns, the employment laws will differ from traditional employment or consultancy terms. An internship agreement is the one you are looking to put in place.
A Staff Handbook can be binding or non-binding agreement which documents your internal policies for your employees.

Buying and Selling Businesses

Request this document is you are purchasing shares in a business, or if someone is purchasing shares in your business.
This is a document often use in purchase and sales of businesses (Mergers and Acquisitions).
During the sale of a business, the due diligence process can be rigorous and takes time. A disclosure letter is a way of making this process clearer, more straightforward and succinct.

Commercial Property Spaces

Get this document if you are renting a work space or storage unit or any other sort of commercial space.
Are you renovating your office, home or co-working space? Get a construction agreement for the works.
We help work spaces set up co-working agreements for their members.

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