Lawyer Search Has Evolved!

Our Purpose

Linkilaw is a online marketplace where clients can compare and make the best choice from an all-star virtual lawyer community. Our customers mean everything to us; that’s why we’ve created a feedback-oriented service where consumers are empowered and confident that their legal affairs are in order. We believe in promoting the most forward-thinking lawyers that the UK has to offer for an all round remarkable experience.

Our Vision

When people and businesses can have quick access to lawyers and legal help, they can make better decisions and grow with confidence. Linkilaw is on a mission to help people grow. We believe that through honesty, integrity, and transparency in communication and in action, faith in the legal industry can be restored, and lawyers can become a source of support and trust for every person using a lawyer through Linkilaw. We believe in revolutionising the legal system by making it accessible, trustworthy, transparent, and trouble-free.

Our Team

Alexandra Isenegger Co-Founder & CEO

Alexandra is a lawyer with experience in Corporation and Immigration law. Having lived in over 5 countries, she is fully aware of trans-national perspectives. Ambitious and determined, she believes in the mission to make law more transparent and more accessible to those who need help. In her words: “there is a communication gap between clients and solicitors – my goal is to remedy it.”

Caleb Storkey Co-Founder & CMO

Caleb is a marketing strategist who is committed to bring transformational ideas to life. Working to listen and understand customers needs and pains, he builds website solutions and campaigns that engage customers. He loves a clean and integrated approach to marketing and enjoys fresh design and content. With over 10 years experience in marketing, Caleb is excited with enabling good lawyers to be easily available to others.